tiny mouse podaegi

Info up to date as of September 2013 

Visit my tinymouse designs blog for the cost of a podeagi and more information.

I absolutely love the podaegi (or pod for short) design, originated in Korea. You have so much more flexibility about how the baby/toddler sits in the carrier when you can adjust it all yourself.

You decide where the top of the carrier will be: at ‘ear’ level (so they can curl up and sleep in privacy, ‘under arm’ level (so they can see the world), or even somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter how long your child is. The podeagi, with it’s long blanket, will accommodate children from newborn to toddlerhood. Older toddlers don’t tend to want to be worn for long, so enjoy it as long as they enjoy it. Sick & sad kids love to snuggle in a Pod, too.

You can secure your baby on your front, on your back (with straps over your shoulders or ‘strapless’), and on your hip (though I recommend a ring sling or a pouch for a quick hip carry).

Check out my how-to brochure, with full color photos.

Disclaimer: Use of tiny mouse podeagi is at your own risk. tiny mouse designs assumes no responsibility for improper use of tiny mouse podeagi’s. Use common sense when carrying your child in any carrier. Learn to trust your instincts and listen for cues that your child needs you to adjust your carrier.

I now am linked to Paypal and you can securely purchase a podaegi.

Go to my Tinymouse Designs Facebook Page to order a Custom Pod. Just click on the Shop Now on the left hand side and you can pay with PayPal through TabJuice. Contact me through my tinymouse FB page with any questions.

With Custom Pods, I can send you suggested links to online fabric stores, along with the fabric requirements. If you want different prints on each side, you’ll be purchasing one yard of each cotton print you like. This will make a reversible Pod. If you want a Pod with the same fabric on both sides, you’ll be purchasing one yard of one fabric. I do ask that you choose your fabric and have it shipped to me. That way, you get exactly what you want. If you live near a fabric store, you are more than welcome to buy the fabric there and send it to me.


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