Elimination Communication Links

Look around these websites to learn more about Elimination Communication (EC). Though it has a bunch of different names, it’s really all the same. The idea behind EC is that babies don’t want to wet/soil themselves much less than you or I do. They are born with the ability to control their elimination and only need help getting to a toilet (or whatever you use to “catch” their pee/poop). The concept is based on communication. It’s not intended to be potty training, though I understand that that’s the only way some folks can see it. Read on and see what you think.








Also check out the discussions happening now by EC’ing families on Mothering.com’s EC forum

As well as the Elimination Needs forum at Natural Parenting- a site for Natural Parenting Magazine, an Australian magazine published in Brisbane, Queensland.

If you’d like to make your own underwear, here’s a link where you can purchase a pattern.

Or you can buy some here.


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  • […] the meantime, you can check out my EC links page under Further Reading. Click here to go directly to the links page. This entry was written by Leila and posted on October 9, 2007 […]

  • […] there are a ton of resources online where these kind of conversations are normal. Check out the links page for those and other resources. I’ve added a couple more sites – one has a pattern for […]

  • tribalbaby says:

    ooh, can you check out my new site to add to your list?


    I have the http://www.tribalbaby.org site also


  • Juliet says:

    I was feeling brave so I clicked on the “EC links” link. Do you know that at times I still (silently, in my head) yell at the whole EC world? I’m bitter. Not only was EC so stressful for me after the initial and totally magical first couple of months, but my little one has still not become completely potty independent. I wonder if there’s a genetic screening one should go through; now that she’s five I realize there’s little chance of her staying dry at night before age eight or so, based on family history. Other issues line up along family lines, too … It’s funny what I expected and how different it is from what happened. I don’t think I’ll do anything like that with the new baby, but of course I’ll have to see once it’s out and peeing. Either way, I hope to be a lot easier on myself in general.

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