Who writes this blog?

Born and raised in Colombia 30+ years ago, I now find myself enjoying our new, new home- Vermont Indiana. I studied Modern Dance and Drama at a (then) small liberal arts university in Northern California. I have also taken a handful of Masters classes (Spanish Literature and Education) that have amounted to more learning but no degree yet.

I traveled a bit after graduation; heading to Ensenada, Mexico for a couple of weeks and then to Queensland, Australia for 4 or so months. I came back to the U.S. for my sister’s wedding and found myself in need of a job. I considered going back to Oz but decided to get a job in my field. I ended up getting a job in Portland, OR as a puppeteer for Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre. I worked with them for a couple of years as a touring performer. After meeting my husband, and finishing the season with TOJ, I got a job at the Miracle Theatre/Teatro Milagro. It was both trying and exhilarating. I got to start a theatre company under Milagro called Teatro Espanol (confusing, since we didn’t just do plays from Spain, but hey). The entire repertoire was of plays in Spanish. I had a blast. I met all kinds of people, laughed and learned a lot.

We got married (Baha’i wedding) in 2002 in my in-laws living room and shortly after moved to Chicago. I started working in an elementary school library and teaching acting classes through Emerald City. I got less involved in that and more involved with the Baha’i activities in our home. We made some really great friends and talked and laughed a ton!

Fast forward to December 2006 when I gave birth to my daughter (I’ll fill in details as time goes by). In July 2007, we moved from Chicago, IL to Vermont. It’s not perfect but nothing is. So, now, here we are hanging out in Vermont, waiting for the cold weather to hit and the snow to come and give us a winter wonderland to play in.

Now, to update a bit more. I found out I was pregnant and expecting our second child in September 2008. We had another home birth. I laughed a lot during my labor, speeding it up quite a bit. It was about 4 hours long, though I did think I was going into labor a bunch of times- which also prepped me, I suppose. Our little boy was born August 30th and is teaching me a lot about how different children born to the same two people can be. My kids are teaching me a lot about being human, about patience and love.

In June 2009, I started making and selling Podeagi’s out of my home. I love these baby carriers. They are absolutely everything I like about every carrier all put in one. I also started doing alterations and repairs for people in town and I get enough work to keep me interested and still spend lots of time with my kids.

Update 2010: We moved from Vermont to Indianapolis, IN for a job. It’s different, but it’s bound to be with young children. I’ve met some amazing moms and we’re slowly, but surely, getting acclimated.

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§ 12 Responses to Who writes this blog?

  • Nancy says:

    hope vermont treats you well 😉

  • Sarah says:

    Hi! I too have had some experience with theatre in other languages: I directed four plays in French with my college students as actors and one play in English with my international students! I think using drama is a great way to learn and practice another language. Did Teatro Espanol include non-native speakers in its productions?

    I’d love to hear more about how you’re raising your child bilingually–would you be interested in letting me profile your family on my blog? You can email me at babybilingual at gmail dot com.

  • Liani says:


    I come across your blog and found something interesting.

    I’d like ask you to share about aromatherapy. I know you have some experience about it during your pregnancy.

    If you are interested, pls email me.

    Thank You

  • Trisha says:

    I wanted to thank you for writing a post regarding my question of babywearing. You answered it well. If I might ask another thing of you; I have some questions and concerns in my own life, I was wondering if I could hear some of your insight. Could you e-mail me?

  • abenteuermann says:

    Very nice Blog. Thank you!
    Maybe some of your readers are able to read some German as well. So if somebody likes to read interesting articles about “how to grow up multilingual kids”, you are welcome at


    You find infos about the How, experiences and why it´s so important to do it during the first 7 years of the kids life.
    Greetings, Rainer

  • Hi,

    I’m raising my daughter bilingual in French & English, and she has just started Chinese school. It is fun to introduce kids to new language at a young age — they are like sponges!

    It sounds like you’ve done a lot of fun international things!

    Veronica Samuels

    • Leila says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Veronica. Kids are like sponges. Agreed. My 4yo actually says she speaks Chinese, too, because of the show Ni-Hao Kai-lan. She makes up a ton of Chinese words all the time. They sound like Spanish to me, but I’ll never tell her that. 🙂 Hope to see more of your comments.

  • Jana Welters says:

    Hi my dear Leila, first of all, distance is a very tough cookie, especially with two children on my hands…miss you still very much like it was yesterday. I love the carrier you made for me. I love the design that is sooooo me, nobody else has that one. I loved the experience of Luca being few weeks old and having him on my back! Thank you for that. I think carrying our babies is so very important, and why not to be elegant in the process 😉
    Lots of love to you Jana and happy boys

  • Daniela Rey says:

    Hola Leila. Fue un gusto encontrar tu blog! Yo también soy Colombiana y vivo en EU (Los Angeles). Acabo de empezar un blog en español hablando de este tema porque mi esposo y yo vamos a tener nuestro primer hijo. Me dio por buscar quién tenía el blog con mi nombre en inglés y que buena sorpresa ver que es otra Colombiana!

    • Leila says:

      Hola! Me encanta encontrarme online con otras colombianas. Eso de mantener un hogar bilingue es dificil pero tambien super interesante. Te deseo lo mejor con tu hijo. Un abrazo!

  • Dakota Grimstone says:

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