The Henry Shirt – Day 7

November 3, 2011 § 5 Comments

Finish and Reveal! Today’s the day.

Don’t rush your finishings. Not that you would. But friends don’t let friends hem in a rush… or do buttonholes in a rush… or in my case today, do snaps in a rush.

The pattern calls for snaps but you can also do buttons and buttonholes.

For the snaps, I used the mini-anorak snaps from Dritz- these are called post snaps, opposed to prong snaps, which also work for this shirt. Here’s a tutorial for the prong snaps. I already had the tools, also from Dritz, so I chose to use what I already knew and had on hand. Besides that you need a hammer. I’ve had good luck with these tools and can recommend them, not just from this project but from two others.

Here’s a visual so you can see the difference between post and prong snaps:


The directions in the book don’t go into visual or written detail as to how you should apply the snaps. The packaging on the snap tools and snaps also doesn’t give you a ton of visual instructions. Check out this video from beSewStylish on how to attach post snaps. Below you’ll see some of my photos of the process.

First, follow the directions from the book and measure out and mark how far apart the snaps should be placed. I marked them with a felt tip marker. Measure twice, mark once.

In the photo below, you can see the capped post on the left and the socket on the right.

Make the holes along the closure strip where you marked for the snaps. I put the capped posts on first, and see that I ended up putting them on the opposite side of the shirt than the book shows. I was going off one of my husband’s shirts.

Follow either the pictures below or the youtube video I linked above.

Just make sure that you align the socket on the clamp (with the right tool- the back of your tool kit will help with this) so that yours looks just like mine in the picture below before you set the snap, aka. pound it with your hammer.

I was setting snaps on another project a couple of months ago and didn’t notice that my socket wasn’t aligned and ended up wasting a couple of them.

Next, the post and stud. To mark the second side, I aligned the first side so that I’d match up the capped posts, rather than remeasure and possibly end up with mismatching my attaching units and closure units.

I hope all this snap talk was helpful.

Finally, the Reveal!

I absolutely love this shirt and I’m planning on making another at some point. The second time around is bound to be easier.

Thanks to Karen for being so attentive of my concerns on Twitter. And a big thanks for getting this book made. I’m already thinking about what to sew next from Sewing for Boys.

Things to check out:

Patterns by Figgy’s

Karen’s blog- One Girl Circus

A Flickr Pool for Sewing for Boys creations

And last, but not least, my Sew Along partner, Krista, from TharSheSews. She was looking for a sew along for this shirt and since we couldn’t find one, decided to sew along together. I hope it’s been helpful.


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