Henry Shirt Sew Along Schedule

October 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

UPDATE 11/3/11: The Sew Along is over but don’t fret, you can click through Days 1- 7 below and sew your own Henry Shirt. Feel free to leave me a link to your blog or photo album so I can see your creation.

So, Krista from TharSheSews and I are gearing up for doing a double host Sew Along, she on her blog and me on mine. We talked through a schedule to give everyone who wants to participate and here is what we’ve got.

Day 1
Introductions, supplies list, and picking out fabric. I’ll also be talking a little about fit and adjusting for your child’s body. We’re also going to add your links so if you’ll be sewing along we can link you up.

Day 2

Day 3
Prepping details and any catch-up.

Day 4
Assemble the body.

Day 5
Attach yoke and sleeves.

Day 6

Day 7
Finishing and Reveal.

I’m so excited. Join in now by getting the Sewing for Boys book!

If you want you can also read along and then sew your Henry shirt later. I know how much I love sewing for my little boy. You can give him choices ready made clothes don’t offer boys. Y’know, like different colors and cooler (non sports/trains/cars related) or you can add in vintage prints. It’s endless.

A huge benefit TharSheSews blog and I have is that the designers for Sewing for Boys are going to be with us on our sew along! I’m super excited. This means that if you don’t get something, the two women who made this book happen will be here to chime in with any helpful tips. (I’m such a sewing nerd. I giggle each time I see them commenting on my blog or on twitter. Hehe)

Ok. Enough of me. I’ll start blogging for the Sew Along this Friday. Stay tuned.


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