Playing with Everything

October 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m alive. Just not blogging a ton here. No real reason. Lots going on. I’m knitting again. That’s great fun. It’s also something I can take with me. The sewing machine was proving to be too heavy for playground outings.

I went to a second hand kids store in town and picked up some shoes for the little boy, a pair for the girl (extra sparkly), and some mega blocks.

The mega blocks are sure a perfect fit for these kids. They’re the kind of toy that allows for the child’s imagination to create the story. Last week they made a bunch of buildings and then added train tracks around the buildings to make a city. Today, the blocks are part of the girl’s store, where she sells pencils.

While I say that I prefer these open play toys, my kids have been known to use the tray from the Melissa & Doug Birthday Cake toy set as a boat, and the spatula is the boat’s paddle. So there you go.

I do love the mixing of toys to create fresh stories.

A couple of weeks ago, I took the kids to the Renaissance Faire. While they were hesitant to talk to people dressed in costume, they did have fun in what we called the Math Tent. There was a guy who showed us how math has evolved over time, though he focused on certain practices from the Renaissance.

My kids were enraptured. Plus, the guy talked to them like normal interesting people, not like little kids who are going to break everything they touch. He was really cool.

As we were walking into Faire, my oldest was given the name of one of the characters. We were supposed to go on this quest to find her. She would then give us a gold coin which we could exchange for a dragon feather.


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