Still rockin’ the carrier

July 30, 2011 § Leave a comment


It’s not often that either of my kids wants to be held for a long period of time, but when they do, I offer to carry them in a wrap. I have a Podegi in the car just in case we need it.

Turns out, my sweet little boy really needed the closeness of being worn in a carrier after I got back from my weekend away.

Lucky for me, I neither have back problems nor a super heavy child. Also, you’d be amazed how much weight you can carry on your back with the right support.

So here we are. Me and my nearly 3 year old walking around the Children’s Museum on a crowded summer day.


July 19th, 2007

July 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

That’s when I started this blog. I keep forgetting to do something to mark the anniversary of my entry into logging thoughts for the world via a small yet steady stream of friends and followers.

Life has really changed since starting this blog. At the time I started it, I had a very attached bilingual baby, I had just moved to Vermont, and I felt lonely.

Loneliness comes with motherhood. You have to make some serious choices that not only affect you but affect the little person in front of you who can’t complain if they don’t like what you’re doing. It’s crazy.

Today, I’m finding myself with  Comic Con exhaustion, a sewing machine that rarely gets a day off, two kids, and fewer cares over what others think of my parenting (which is kind of why I don’t blog here often- I just keep my choices to myself).

I blog elsewhere, as I’m finding that I want to talk about other topics, not just parenting. I have lots of other interests. I always have and now that the kids are getting to be a wee bit older, I get time alone during the day. It’s interrupted quite often, but I can still sew a little, read a little, etc.

Next blog post is going to be about an encounter I had on my plane ride home from Comic Con. With an Indian-Brit Cardiology intern.

Funny Note: You should know that the Teddy Bear Picnic cake pic at the top makes me think of a Kids in the Hall sketch. I should add that everything these days is reminding me of a Kids in the Hall sketch. Beware.

Trivia games at Bedtime

July 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

Last night, like most nights, bilingual baby, now mostly referred to by age (“the 4yo”) didn’t want to go to bed. She was too busy. A lot of the time, she is very busy and really wants to finish what she’s been working on- her days, like mine, are too short for all the ideas she has planned.

Sometimes distraction works with our 4yo, sometimes what she really needs is to be heard and waited on and shown love (yes, even when she has hit her brother).

Back to last night. We could tell she was tired and just needed to relax to slip into sleep but would need some creative help. Somehow, and I keep calling it divine intervention (cos otherwise I’d have to say I’m just SO awesome and my parents would probably prefer if I go the humble route), we started a game of trivia. We were lying in bed with some low lighting. The kids didn’t know what a game of trivia was about so I started with Josh questions. What is Papi’s favorite song? To that, I answered my own question with: Jungle Junction (one of the kids’ new favorite shows on tv). We all laughed.

It was working. Nobody was crying. Nobody was whining. Everyone was relaxed.

I actually wonder how much of the whining kids do is to try to prompt parents into a bout of creativity, something that will pull the family together to do something as a group.

The questions went on. Where was baby brother born? Vermont!, shouted the 4yo. Yes!!!

Then, we transitioned into talking about categories. What do you want, we asked, Geography, Music, or TV?

Next to me, I had baby brother asking and answering his own questions, mostly stuff related to the Pixar movie “Cars” (the first one), which was pretty cute.

After a couple of messy rounds of our trivia game, the 4yo rolled over saying it was time to sleep. The boy nursed.

They both fell asleep.

And Josh and I both got up for a high five. We rocked it!

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