Finding endurance as a SAHM

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment


I often get questions about how in the world I can stay home with my kids. All day. Every day. Bedtime. Breakfast. No naps in the afternoon.

My kids don’t go to school, or day care. They never have. I don’t judge those who do send their kids somewhere. This is just what’s working for us. I’m not made of gold and I’m not perfect, nor do I want to appear that way. I have some lofty ideals and most of the time I don’t hold a candle up to the me I want to be. I hope I never will, cos that would mean that I’ve stopped trying.

Usually I get questions about how I deal with my kids on a day to day basis. As you might imagine, these questions come from moms whose kids are on vacation right now. In other words, they go to school, and their moms aren’t sure how to keep them entertained, etc.

I’m not gonna give you tips on activities to do simply because I’m talking about the mother role. A lot of what I think exhausts me during the day is trying to talk myself out of a lot of reactions. My kids, mostly the talkly 4.5 year old will tell me that I let her do everything she wants. Not entirely true but a wonderful way to live your childhood.

I really think that staying home with your kids takes a lot of endurance. Just like in a long distance marathon, you don’t want to sprint the first mile. You need to make sure you have enough in you to get through to the end.

You might have been hearing me complain about solo parenting this last week. Well, part of why I wasn’t rockin’ my role as caregiver was that I sprinted. I went too fast, too soon, and wore myself out too quickly.

After a couple of days, I got my endurance back.

The way endurance manifests in me is creativity. I’m able to creatively address my kids’ concerns, make cleaning up fun yet efficient, and still find time to browse the internet and glance at forums.

Now that I’m ready to rock ‘n roll mama-style, my husband gets back tomorrow super early in the morning and I’ll probably revert back to a shorter marathon of a day.

At least I know I can do it.


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