Satur Day Wrap-Up

May 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s not like I’ve been doing a Saturday wrap-up or that I have a ton to say; just a couple of things I’d like to share, cos Care Bears share.

Okay, that Care Bear thing is probably due to the sun exposure I got today. It’s good. Let me get to it.

A good friend is moving to another town about an hour away. I’m bummed but it sounds like it’ll be better for their family, which is always good. My family went over to her apartment to help them load their truck. More specifically, I offered up my husband’s services to help load the moving truck while I played with all the kids.

We went to the field behind their place and ran around a bunch and then got to fly a kite. It was the perfect weather for flying a kite. My friend’s kite is this beautiful butterfly and when it’s in the air it really looks like a butterfly flapping its wings. It was quite magical.

Later in the day, my hubby insisted we go for a super long walk. It was a gorgeous day and perfect Spring weather. We ended up walking 7 miles on the trail. Half way along the 7 miles we did get ice cream from this little ice cream shop. It had the best ice cream I’ve ever had. It was creamy and there was no after taste.

The big bonus was the flavors. Josh had Guava (guayaba) and it tasted like real guava fruit, not like some artificial thing. The owner is from El Salvador so we talked a bit. The staff was all super nice and the Cafe Captiva I had was just what I needed. This coffee and ice cream smoothie reminded me of the ones I had in college with my friend M.

Good times and great finds.

Speaking of finds, I also stopped by the fabric store with my tired legs, to pick up some things I need to finish a couple of projects.

I got some tiny snaps and 1 1/4″ elastic for baby brother’s dungarees, as well as the snap kit; two more magnetic snaps, a pressing cloth, and some double faced tracing paper.

And I got all this stuff half off because of the notions sale. This store has got to get their notions at penny’s to be able to give this big a discount.

I might get some alone time this weekend so I can tackle my sewing to-do list:

  1. Finish dungarees
  2. Finish Buttercup Bag (outer details)
  3. Sew up LBD #2 and check fit

The 4 year-old and I are also working on a Buttercup Bag for her but we’re only tackling it when she feels like sewing so it might be a while before the bag is complete. She did pick out the fabric and buttons and help me cut the pattern pieces.

Here we go!


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