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March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

While calling Indy home still sounds weird, I’m so glad to be home. While we were gone, our basement nearly flooded. It didn’t flood entirely because Josh was down here mopping and running himself down for hours on end trying to keep the gushing water from ruining the whole place. At one point, he called me saying he was worried the house was just going to collapse from the water coming inside. It was bad.

Well, luckily the rain stopped and the sun started to shine, giving the earth reason to absorb the water.

Everything that was on the floor was either put upstairs in our second bedroom or on top of my sewing table. Even though I’d love to jump right into sewing something- anything- just to get my hands on a running machine, I have yet to organize everything. It looks so messy but on the bright side, it’s still here and didn’t float away.

I usually have a glass half full attitude towards things- even really annoying things- and while at first I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a major clean-up, I’m lacking the umpf to get that project going.

I’ve been talking about getting tinymouse designs upgraded to an LLC (Limited Liability Company) and get my tax ID. The stress from the basement flood has kept that from happening but I’m still putting that on the front burner.

Lots of pictures to upload. But first, bed. Tomorrow we’ll be settling into life away from vacation.

There are so many wonderful stories from our trip. So many details I want to remember. So many people I want to keep in touch with. The one part I’d like to forget is the trip back.

See, it started out just great. The ticketing folks at the San Jose, CA airport let my dad through security to help me with the car seats and my carry-on. There were delays leaving but the staff let me get the car seats and bags on the plane and get off so the kids could run around. Only problem was that the kids weren’t that energetic- they were tired from waking up so early.

When we finally got on the plane, we were delayed another 45 minutes on the tarmac. We got to Chicago fine only to land and find out that our flight to Indy had been canceled. Fine, I figured. We can go to my in-laws house and stay there. Josh drove up so he could see us- a month is a long time for a Papi and his kids.

We had to wait for our bags and our ride, but the bags didn’t keep in touch. After 2 hours of waiting for the bags, and nearly 3 hours after getting off the plane, we were told our bags had left ORD and were on their way to Indy. My next task was to call some 800 number to find out where they were.

Finally got through to them and more waiting ensued. They said they’d first find my bags, then deliver them to the address of my choosing. Great! Went to bed thinking we’d get the bags delivered to my in-laws house.

The next day I got the call that they found my bags but were confused as to why I had an Illinois address for the bag delivery, and not my Indy address. The bag, by the way, were in Indy. We decided to just come home with Josh since he has to work. Plus, I didn’t really know how long it would take American Airlines to get my bags back to Illinois and have them delivered to me, giving me more reason to go shopping- not a great idea financially after a month-long vacation in pricey California.

But, finally, we’re back home. Back to the mess I talked about. And now I’m off to bed, hoping my kids will follow. We are still on PST.


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