working on tinymouse designs for 2011

January 20, 2011 § Leave a comment


I’ve been working on designing a collection for my tinymouse label for Spring/Summer 2011. Why bother calling it a collection, or even organizing this way?

Part of it is just how I am. I’m always wanting to make improvements, especially when I’m sewing. Last year, the clothes I made for my tinymouse label were one of a kind (OOAK). In other words, I didn’t make patterns. I would take a t-shirt and just start cutting. I have an aesthetic and I can just eyeball it. Granted, my eyeballing is pretty darn accurate. I do check my work. Anyway, I couldn’t quite keep up with the interest in a particular dress or pair of pants because I had made one. And only one.

Last year was my first year creating kid’s clothes. As you may remember, tinymouse designs was started when I decided to make Podaegis- an infant-toddler carrier- so when I started making upcycled clothes, I just plunged into it.

This year I started to sketch because I didn’t have a ton of thrifted clothes lying around. I also don’t always have time to work on a pattern or cut into thrifted t-shirts, skirts, shirts, etc. A lot of the time, when I’m with my kids, I keep an activity handy for when they get involved in their own play.

The theme for this Spring/Summer 2011 collection is Everyday Dress-Up.

I like the idea of having repurposed/upcycled clothes that you can just toss in the wash without worrying about special fabrics and how they’ll take to the dryer. I like the ease of cotton and its breath-ability.

I’ve got more sketches to share with you but I wanted to pull your interest in this theme of Everyday Dress-Up.

The top image is what I’m calling The Magician. It could also be a Sorcerer or something similar. So far, baby brother isn’t interested in the Magician costume I made for him as a prototype. Maybe the idea of a Magician is for an older crowd.

The image below is a design bilingual baby wanted me to draw. She wanted it to be brown, a color that doesn’t let you see design elements, like the ruffled front seam, but what could I say to her interest?

The dresses specifically for girls are Fairies and Pixies since that’s what my 4yo loves.

I’ll be adding some more sketches so you can see and add your input. I’m in the designing and making mock-ups stage so feel free to comment on these designs.


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