Weekender Bag: Exterior Done!

January 16, 2011 § 8 Comments

The exterior of my Weekender Bag (pattern by Amy Butler). My Necchi is currently in a coma. I need to take it in to see about fixing it. It’s out of whack and won’t create a stitch. It started showing signs of it’s ability, or rather inability to go thru so many layers of thick and just stopped producing a stitch.

I pulled out back up #1 but the tension knob is not on right and it just won’t work.  Then, I pulled out another back-up, the Singer Touch-Tronic 2001. What a name! It’s a “computer-controlled machine”. The first, apparently. This is what it looks like:

Part of the computer screen doesn’t work but it cut through the layers of this bag like it was one of those knives the ads say can cut through a can as easily as it cuts through a tomato. That’s what it was like. I wish I had thought of the Touchtronic before putting my Necchi (still unnamed) into a coma. Poor girl.

I still have the lining to put in and I’m taking the advice of those who made this bag before me and I’m putting in pockets. Not a zipper pocket, but some open pockets so the inside has some way of organizing my life for me.

Here’s a slideshow with the beauty of this bag, along with some pictures that show that I didn’t rock every inch of it, either. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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