Weekly Special: This is Me Loving You

December 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

Today is my wedding anniversary.

This is the ring Josh got me as a present.

It’s a Baha’i symbol. Below is it’s meaning. To read more of the meaning, and other symbols in the Baha’i Faith, click here.

We will begin with basic pattern of the design and, as we proceed, the picture will be complete:

basic pattern explained

This part of the symbol comprises three levels, each level indicated by a number. Together they represent the underlying belief which is the basis of all the religions of God. They are as follows:

(1) The World of God – The Creator
(2) The World of the Prophets or Manifestation – Cause, or Command
(3) The World of Man – Creation.

The two five pointed stars on both sides of the emblem represent the human body: a head, two hands and two feet. These two stars represent the twin Manifestation of God in this Day.

This ring, the one Josh got for me, was made by a jeweler who lives in Austin, TX. Jorge Nossa is a Baha’i from Colombia. He and his wife are friends of my parents and they are very sweet, and Jorge is very talented. The ring is well photographed on Etsy and you’ll get a quality ring. He’s got more, so go check him out. There are also gold versions and men’s versions. He’s got other jewelry for sale. He’s amazing. His work is quality.

Having this ring is very meaningful for me. The symbol is one of unity, something that is truly important having a small family of my own. It’s a nice way to be reminded of this unity. Gazing at this symbol, which I’ve been gazing at since I was a kid (I grew up in a Baha’i family), it not only unites the religions of the world, but it ties together my life. The symbols stays the same, but my understanding of what it means has slowly broadened.

This is my husband loving me.



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