A morning of thoughts

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I did a little experiment. I wrote down any tweets/FB updates instead of actually getting on the computer to type them out. For one, my thoughts got longer than the 140 restriction, but I also found that I got more done.

The kids were pretty entertained with their work (as bilingual baby calls it) and I wasn’t going to blow a morning to myself at the computer. So, here’s what you would have read, starting with the earliest update. There were more, but I lost that list.

1. If you’re nervous about cutting into your expensive fashion fabric, spending several weeks working on getting the fit just right will make you eager enough to cut into just about anything.

2. Muslin isn’t the most inspiring fabric. Fit is.

3. Having a snack before I cut into my fabric.

4. There’s something magical about a 2D piece of paper becoming an article of clothing.

5. Cutting each pattern piece individually for a more custom fit. Remember that my left side needs more fabric.

6. Fabric cut and tailor tacks done. Time to play mama stegosaurus.

7. Uh oh. I was distracted by sewing lit. and missed my kids watching Barney. Don’t like that guy.

8. Looking at a childhood picture of myself, I see that my left shoulder has always been a little higher than my right. Weird.

9. Slowly realizing that a non smiling me looks a lot like an angry me. Can’t help that. I don’t seem to have a neutral face. Smiling is necessary at all times.

Ok. That’s all folks. Now that didn’t hurt, did it? I did use my time more wisely. I’m gonna have to reconsider my daytime online practices for the future.



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