Remember that post?

December 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’ve been feeling really nostalgic lately and I thought you’d enjoy reading past thoughts from this blog. Here are a couple of entries that I’ve been thinking of lately.

First, I know I’ve said that I’m missing my Vermont life. Transition does that to ya. One of the things I miss is teaching sewing classes. We had some fun. My “lifer” student was pretty upset when I told her I was leaving. She, and a couple others, were really dedicated.

Second, Remember the time when I was tailoring a couple of skirts for one of Josh’s co-workers and I cut up her skirt with my serger. Oh, how enraged I was with myself. I’ve grown from that experience. A lot.

Third, Remember the idea I had to create a business that would repair cloth diapers and redistribute them to families in Central Vermont. Hey, if anyone wants to run with that idea, go for it. It’s tedious work, but very rewarding. (Imagine all the seam ripping you have to do.)

Bonus, Remember Heavy Baby? The kids still really like that doll. I think at some point I’ll make one for baby brother. For now, they seem to be fine sharing the one- and I’m all for letting sleeping babies lie. Is that the right saying? (I’m still so Colombian.)

Enjoy this retrospective. Being as nostalgic as I’ve been, I can already see a second volume of this “Remember that post?” coming soon. Look for it next Monday and don’t let the beginning of the week get you down. You can always think about how awesome Sunday was.



§ One Response to Remember that post?

  • attachlings says:

    You can certainly teach sewing class here too! I’d sign up today if I could. 😀
    I’ve made window quilts for several rooms in the last few weeks. Some of them aren’t very pretty, but they are all quite functional. Now I need someone to help me with the ‘pretty part.’

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