Bilingual baby is Four!

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m proud to say that I’ve lasted this long. It’s been a roller coaster ride. You know this if you’ve been following this blog. I started it before her first birthday, when we moved to Vermont.

You might remember that she used to have days when she wouldn’t fall asleep until midnight or 1 am. I distinctly remember a slew of days over Thanksgiving weekend when she was tiny, when we just couldn’t convince her, no matter what we tried, that 1 am was really too late for a baby.

Bedtimes have always been difficult for the girl who doesn’t want to miss anything.

A couple of days ago she spent her first whole night in a separate bedroom from me. She says she thought it was cool but she’s back in our family bed.

In case the point of this blog is lost, I will add that she is bilingual. She understands what I say in Spanish and says some words in Spanish, but mostly speaks English. And some of you were so worried you wouldn’t understand her. The power of the local language is always stronger than the minority language.

She’s obsessed with Max and Ruby and might spend a lot of her days painting, cutting paper, and playing super bunnies with her brother. They are super cute together.

They disagree from time to time, but I’m very pleased to say that they genuinely like spending time together.

Her enjoyment of crafty things makes me teary.

We are still in transition mode here at home and bilingual (no-longer)baby thinks of her Vermont friends a lot. I tell her that it’s a good thing that she feels sad- that means she knows how to love.


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