How To Make Reversible Denim Pants Tutorial

November 29, 2010 § 4 Comments

This tutorial is my way of proving to myself that a project like reversible pants, though it boggled my mind for a couple of weeks, is actually a project I could finish in a weekend.

The only instruction I had was from my friend Liz who drew some instructions on a small piece of paper, and The Scientific Seamstress. I have to say that I bypassed The Scientific Seamstresses instructions because they didn’t match the ones Liz gave me. Plus, I was going to be working with a two-piece pants pattern, which I thought would make a huge difference. (It didn’t and I should’ve just gone with the Scientific Seamstress directions.)

Now that I’m done with the reversible two-piece pants, I have to say that the way The Scientific Seamstress describes how to sew them up seems much easier. More straightforward. She does say that she’s been making these reversible pants for some time, so there’s no wonder she’s got such a clear way to sew them up.

Despite that, I thought I’d add in my two cents since I’ve also added in the use of denim to this project. One one side, you have a simple pair of jeans, with only the back pockets and the typical yellow thread top-stitching- except in places where I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep a super straight line. I did use heavy duty thread for top-stitching the crotch and inseam.

I’ve also learned a lot from making these pants and always learn a lot from making up a slideshow tutorial. Here it goes. Let me know if anything is unclear and/or missing. You can stop it along the way. I am assuming some sewing knowledge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While nursing my toddler to sleep, I started wondering about another way to construct these reversible pants. In this other approach, I imagined each leg being sewn up on each side, leaving the crotch open. Sewing the hems of both right legs right sides together and both left leg hems together, so I didn’t have to fold them down later and top-stitch. I’d then pull each lining (or basically one of the fabrics) up through the other, and pin and stitch the outer crotch- I can imagine this is where things would get tricky. You could stuff each lining leg into the outer leg to do the outer crotch seam, but what about the lining crotch seam? After I’ve tried it, I’ll let you know.


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§ 4 Responses to How To Make Reversible Denim Pants Tutorial

  • Autumn says:

    Those look great! Usually when I make pants I sew each leg up the inseam then sew them together at the crotch. I might try to make a reversible pair by just sewing two pairs then putting one inside the other and sewing them together at waist and ankle. hmm . . .

  • Liz says:

    For M-sized pants that is a great solution. Especially for people who are comfortable with bias tape. When I was doing L’s pants, she was 7 months and the cuffs were too small to fit on my machine.

    The crotch seams are quite easy, you just do the front, end your thread, then do the back, each time starting from the waist and going towards the center. Even in infant sizes there’s enough room to just tuck the other layers out of the way.

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