Princess Gown

November 23, 2010 § 5 Comments

This is the finished dress. I can see already that I need to hem the layers of the skirts but I’m going to leave the excess so I can take out the hem as she grows. I think she’ll also have to wear something underneath so that her chest is a little more covered up.

Here’s the bodice top before I attached it to the layers of skirts.

The sleeves were an a bit of an afterthought. Next time I make something like this, I’ll just take out all the side seams and attach the sleeve lining to the bodice lining before attaching it to the satin, or whatever fabric I use.

Also, the lining for the sleeves is warmer than the lining for the bodice and skirts. One might say that I used an underlining for the sleeves. I did add interfacing into the bodice as well as a lining. I actually like the cotton underlining much more than the interfacing.

I’d recommend an underlining for a smoother finish. It’s really a fashion trade secret. It’ll make your home projects look a lot more professional than just interfacing and a lining.

This is the bodice top on the girl.

I found, in one of the sewing machines I got in Vermont, a gathering foot. It’s not quite like the Ruffler foot, but it still helped get the gathering process going. I still had to go back and add some long stitches to gather up the fabric as much as was needed. It needed a LOT of gathering. Basically, I could’ve made a gathered skirt for myself with the amount of fabric required for this dress.

Upside down and inside out, you can see here how I pinned the lining to the inside of the dress to cover up the gathered skirt fabrics. It also creates a smooth side against the skin.

Hand sewing the bodice lining to the skirt lining.

In all its sparkles. And, finally, a picture of the girl enjoying her new threads with her Papi, of course.


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