Warm-up Sewing: Princess Seam Bodice Dress

November 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

Front bodice is sewn together

Front View

From the side

From the Back

And then, last night, Josh helped me make a duct tape dress form. Check out the tutorial. I put a picture of mine up so that you will be encouraged to make one for yourself. Mine turned out okay. We learned a lot from making it and I’d love to scrap this one as a test run and start again. I probably will in a year or so as my body continues to change.

At some point, I would like to save up for a professionally made dress form, but this will definitely get me to that day.

At first I thought there were weird bumps on my dress form’s back and left shoulder only to realize that those are actual aspects of my body I had no idea I had.

Dress form made of duct tape. on Twitpic

Accept your body the way you are and make yourself some awesome clothes that you like and highlight your awesomeness!

Thanks to the work we did last night, this morning I could easily get the dress on my body double and see what changes I wanted to make or even try on some finishing touches before sewing them on.

Dress made last week on duct tape dress form. on Twitpic

Putting the dress on the dress form made it clear that the shoulders were too droopy. This was a fact I could sort of ignore when I had it on, but on the form it needs attention.

I do need to consult my father in law to help me with a sturdier base for the dress form. For now, what I’ve got will work. I will need something better so it’ll last. (Hope you’re reading JP.)

Making this dress form really is pulling me out of my sewing funk. I haven’t really enjoyed sewing lately but this will hopefully change that. Having the body double does let me stop what I’m doing with more ease as I don’t have to take off what I’m working on to answer the door, make food for the kids, etc.

I still need to give my dress form a name. Any suggestions?


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§ 2 Responses to Warm-up Sewing: Princess Seam Bodice Dress

  • meg mcguire says:

    hi there missy!

    oh no! there is a sewing funk in progress! it looks like this dress cleared it up. very interesting ambitious design. i like.

    i love your duct tape dress form. i have often considered making one of those but i felt the detail precise way that duct tape renders my body would scar my “american body image” soul. HOWEVER i’m jazzed to see this post because i just helped a 13 yr old that i’m teaching to sew make one of these last week! it revealed stuff about her body that was really interesting to her. the duct tape wrapping also inspired her halloween costume (robot barbie… silver duct tape with a pink duct tape bikini).

    • Leila says:

      I think it did get cleared up. Getting a bit sick hasn’t helped with the momentum I was hoping for, but I think I’m back on track. Emailing with you has really been great! I actually just pulled out a Palmer/Pletsch pattern I’ve been meaning to work with.

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