Reading: It’s what I’ve been up to.

November 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

I can actually recommend each of these books. The sewing books, especially, since I’ve been reading so much sewing junk lately. I’m not in a position to say that one book is better than another. Some books make more sense to me. That’s all. It’s all about learning style.

Cheesy cover but Great info!

Cheesy cover but really great info inside. Really does tackle how to fit every body type. There are some patterns from these wonderful women in the McCall’s pattern catalog. They provide all the help to properly fit a pattern so you don’t end up with another top you just won’t wear.

Light reading.

My only non-sewing book. A little light reading as I go through the 7 Seasons a second time. I’m staying up way too late doing this but it’s worth it. Some episodes weren’t really to my taste even the first time around but seen within the context of the arc of the whole 7 seasons makes them more watchable. I’m also finding some elements that are reworked in later seasons. Very cool.

Doing some soul searching regarding my small business.

Not sure if I have it in me to be a business woman and stay at home mom. I like doing the custom work I’ve been involved in but need to rethink everything. It’s also tricky moving a business. I don’t have any local clientele like I did in Vermont. Feeling a bit sorry for myself in this regard. {Pity Party in the back room.}


Working on a costume design that involves corsets and bustles, hairstyles and all sorts of things I know very little about. Awesome book with lots of details from Vintage Harper’s Bazaar magazines.

Getting help with finishing techniques.

My go-to book when I’m just not sure if I know what I’m doing. It’s helping me get ideas for how to finish this dress I made last week. The dress needs something.

It's like a classroom in a book.

I’ve only perused this book but it looks like a goodie. It suggests you photocopy and create miniature scaled patterns and clothes to learn new techniques, before you cut into a whole lot of fabric for yourself.

Can you imagine how cute it would be to try out your designs on a miniature dress form? I’d love to have one of these minis sitting on my sewing table.

Awesome dressmaking book for the Int/Adv Sewer.

My mom just sent me this book. I had it checked out from my local library in Vermont all the time and I’m so glad I own a copy. It does take more work to make your own patterns but I’ve found Cal Patch to do a great job explaining in this how-to.


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§ 2 Responses to Reading: It’s what I’ve been up to.

  • Lacey says:

    Awesome! I might check these books out myself. And maybe some Buffy, too…

    • Leila says:

      They’re really good. Once you get hooked on making clothes fit your body, you won’t go back to complaining about shirts not being long enough, waist being all off, and everything in between. (Yes, I want a bandwagon.)

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