The night you wish you could take a little crying

October 12, 2010 § 3 Comments

I’m sitting down in the basement hoping bedtime can be done by Josh and that the kids will be okay but it’s just not happening. You think a tired 2-year-old will just conk out before 9pm, but there he goes, still.

No want Papi.

Papi, I want Mami now.

And the crying stops. I can hear Josh reading a book. This has baby brother’s attention.

Why don’t I want to do bedtime? Basically, I need someone to put me to bed. I’m overtaxed, over-touched, and don’t feel like nursing.

I hear the end of the story upstairs and the crying starts up again. I’m not made of stone, nor do I have it in me to just let him cry. I’m pushing myself to wait one more minute because I really am exhausted. Apparently not exhausted enough that I’m getting ready to just go up there and nurse him into sleepy bliss.

I know Josh should get a chance to put both kids to sleep, but at what cost? At the boy’s expense? What’s he even thinking right now, as he cries for my presence?

Ok. I can’t take it. I’ll finish this entry after everyone is asleep- let you know how it went.

I started to head up when the crying stopped. I’ll give it another couple of minutes. It’s getting so late for him… wouldn’t you think he’d be wiped and eager to snooze? Well?

This is one of the biggest misunderstandings regarding kids (well, the biggest tonight): Skipped naps don’t mean early bedtime.

Write that one down, people. It’s for reals. For. Reals.

Kids are both asleep. I went in the bedroom, nursed baby brother for about 2 minutes and he was out. In the meantime, bilingual baby cuddled up against my back and passed out, too. To top it off, I think Josh fell asleep for a second or two as well.

Feeling a little like the Mom Hero of the story. (Don’t worry. When the nap doesn’t happen tomorrow, I’ll be singing the Anti-Hero song.)



§ 3 Responses to The night you wish you could take a little crying

  • pnctink says:

    I can sympathize. Sending you giant (((hugs))).

  • Megan says:

    I’m there too. oh for a little break

  • Chase Young says:

    Oh, we have had nights like that around here, when Leigh goes to put them to bed… and they just cry… It has been humbling for me to learn at times that my husband can be better at putting the girls to sleep than I am… If it weren’t for him I think they both would have decided they have grown out of their naps, and yet they both desperately need them.

    You are so right, we need to tattoo on our foreheads that babies/toddlers do not go to sleep early just because they missed a nap.

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