How tinymouse designs got it’s logo

October 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

It seems only fit to talk about logos after the whole Gap thing. If you didn’t hear, the Gap decided to change their logo to much less interesting, much more blegch one, only to go back to the original one- the one everyone recognizes and is actually a well done one, after about 4 days of the new but not improved logo.

Moving on, cos I really hope nobody lost any sleep about that.

A woman I met about 4 years ago in Chicago (who now lives in Haifa, Israel) was generous enough to create a logo for my tinymouse designs stuff. If you’ve been to my tinymouse page on facebook or have seen my Etsy page, you know what I’m talking about. Her blog, Mojan Sami, states she’s a design imbecile. I’ll pause so you can laugh.

Mojan is awesome. She’s got an eye for design and if you have any interest in seeing what she sees, follow her blog.

One of the things you’ll find on her blog is a little bit about me and her design for tinymouse designs. Check it out, but don’t believe one word about me being sweet. It’s totally not true. I’m awesome. Okay. Now I’ll wait for the laughing to stop.

So, to recap. Check out Mojan’s design blog, her post about tinymouse, and then go take a nap or a jog or something.



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