Enjoying the Monon Trail

October 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s been a beautifully sunny week here in Indy. I just

can’t believe how hot the sun feels, even on a 60 degree (F) day. I’ve forgotten what sun feels like. It makes me want to bask in it all day, while sipping iced tea or lemonade. It also makes me want to nap, an activity that is always thwarted by the care of children.

Josh got some sort of flu this week and it really kicked him down for 2 whole days (and then some). It was nice to hear him up and about this morning, talking to the kids and readying the weekend waffles. His exhaustion meant that the kids and I did our thing. We went exploring and got some more unpacking done. I didn’t believe how much sewing stuff I have and have inherited until this move.

By the way, I inherited a bunch of vintage sewing patterns. Some are really worth saving- others just make me feel like mocking a whole decade. You decide which. I’m gonna have to join the blogging sewers and show you photos of my new sewing space. I doubt I’ll inspire anything. I just wanna brag that I have a sewing space that’s not the kitchen table- though we put the old kitchen table in the sewing room and I have two sewing machines on it. So, I guess I haven’t upgraded that much.

Yesterday, Josh decided he wanted to get out of the house and go for a walk on the Monon Trail. That was fun, but it definitely went slower than he had intended. Hehe. Isn’t that always the case with kids. They’re so interested in the journey and not just the destination.

Both the kids were also up and down between the stroller, walking and the Podaegi. Here’s a picture of me wearing baby brother (with those long 2 year old legs). He was almost asleep, but didn’t actually fall asleep until an hour or so later. Can you even tell he’s nursing? Haha!


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