Indianapolis is Home Now

October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

The move went well. The movers were great. Well, except for the Indy local guy who decided he should sit in the dining room and empty his stinky shoe on the floor. I guess I was asking for too much, right?

I have a ton of before and after pictures I’m wanting to upload so you can see how the rooms looked before our stuff filled them up. It’s kind of fun just to look at them on the camera. The boxes cluttered a lot up and finally, with everything put away, you can see table tops and such.

I met up with a mom I met on the forums. I also went to knit with the sister of a friend of Josh’s. While there I met a mom of two, who also has an older daughter and younger son. Her kids are a tad younger than mine, but I still left her with my number so we could knit (and possibly sew) together someday.

I’m going to try to make the LLL meeting next week as well as the homebirth group meeting. The homebirth group is going to watch the movie Babies which I saw with a dear friend in Montpelier… in the theater, no less. It’s an evening affair and I’m hoping the whole family will want to go. Josh hasn’t seen the movie.

There are a ton of things to do at home, too. I’ve got an order to finish up for a Vermont friend’s daughter, as well as a couple of other projects of my own to complete. I really want to make some more podaegis. Especially after uploading a how-to video on my tinymouse designs facebook page. Check it out. Josh recorded the music and I added a minute of one of his songs. It works on so many levels. Makes me a big sad seeing the little baby I’m holding and knowing that his mom, one of best friends in Vermont was holding the camera. Sigh.


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