Say Good-bye, Elna.

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

… and Hello, Necchi 4300.

I wish I had the rainbow colored blocks that I used earlier to explain the change in my sewing machine membership. Basically, the Bernette I got when I turned 30, I traded in to help pay for the Elna I wanted to have so badly. Used, but a very nice machine. After 6 months of enjoying it thoroughly when it worked, and sighing heavily when it was getting repaired, I finally decided to ask Darwin (the sewing machine repair guy who sold me the Elna) to take it back and offer me something else.

I went to talk to him over the weekend and happily gave up the Elna in exchange for this Necchi you see above- a new machine very similar to my Bernette 65. He’s also fixing up two used machines that were given to me for free. He won’t charge me extra for the repairs, so all in all, it’s as if I had rented the Elna for about $75 for six months.

I took the Necchi for a spin already and it does run like the Bernette. It doesn’t shake like the Bernette did when I ran it at full speed but it just won’t ever feel like the Elna did. The Elna went faster and did a closer-to-perfect stitch. The Necchi’s stitch isn’t perfectly straight but I can’t ask this machine that much. It is really, really light. Especially compared to every other machine I’ve got. This will be especially great when I, say, go to Chicago to meet up with a certain someone who sews, who is also my friend, who might want to sew together.

I almost feel like I’ve come full circle and have the same machine I had before the whole Elna saga. It really was a nice machine- again, when it worked.

Back to the Necchi. Did you know that in it’s day it was known for being a machine that was beautiful to look at as well as beautiful to sew with? Read more here. And did you know that none other than Sophia Loren was chosen to advertise these beautiful Necchi’s.

Don’t worry. I don’t think I’m going to start looking like Sophia. And my new Necchi will not look as sleek as some of the older models.

At the end of this week, I’ll be closing the tinymouse designs shop for the move. I’ve got some work I need to keep working on while in Vermont but I know I’ll be finishing in Indiana. It’ll be nice to have something familiar to turn to when we arrive. Plus, I’ll be extra motivated to unpack a certain room.


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