Ideals I’ve gained from living in Vermont

September 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

I realized reading a friend’s tweet about maple syrup that I am snobby about what people call maple syrup. I didn’t go sugaring or anything, but I still feel like the purity of maple syrup is lost in the likes of Mrs. Butterworth, whose website delivers no assurance that there is any actual maple syrup in it.

I wonder if it’s the purity of the air up here, and the beauty of the Green Mountains that leave you wanting only the best. Maybe it’s just availability. Obviously, not everyone has this reaction to living here and I”m not saying that if you don’t, you should.

Here I present you with a small list of ideals I’ve gained from a mere 3 year stint in Central Vermont:

  1. Maple Syrup should be made of pure maple syrup.
  2. Organically grown local veggies are fresher and therefore better for you.
  3. Locally made goods mostly assure you that workers are paid a fair wage (Fair-Trade) and don’t have to be transported, using fuel. Buying from local artisans is very close to my heart, as you know.
  4. Living in a small home conserves natural resources.
  5. Compost all food scraps for growing #2.
  6. Choosing second-hand first, even before buying new Organic items (clothing, for example).

If I drank cow milk, or gave it to the kids, I’d go raw for its known benefits to some groups of people. Putting it that way, you might have noticed that I’m more a fan of Eat Right for Your Type– basing your dietary and exercise habits on your blood type. In this line of thinking, not everyone should be following the same diet. Check out the overview by blood type and see what you think.

I’ve made this list to remind me of the things I’ve really come to appreciate about our time in Vermont. Besides all the great friends we’ve made, I’ve learned a lot about … a lot. This list is not intended to be something I wish to push people away with. It’s merely what’s on my mind.



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