Knit Night

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Although our upcoming move has a lot of pros, leaving my friends behind is not one of them. I’ve made some solid friendships that I’m very sad to leave behind. I’m already trying to figure out ways I can see my friends after we leave the area. Some of our friends visit the West Coast, or are from the Midwest, so our encounters are seeming possible, and goodbyes are less important.

A couple of my friends already know they want to homeschool, and I know I’m going to be trying to get them to meet me half way at homeschooling/unschooling conferences, like the Not Back to School Camp, and others that haven’t made the bleep on my radar yet. I’ve also been given an open invitation to come back to VT to visit for a long stay. Now that sounds really nice. Especially after a while in Indy.

I’m also trying to get to all the places that have made my time in Vermont memorable, like Knit Night. Nothing can compare to Kelly Girls in Chicago, but I did find a friend at our LYS Knit night from Peru who I could do my whole, I still haven’t adjusted to American life bit. I already visited my soon-to-be LYS and they have a come-knit-anytime-you-want policy. Sweet.

I’m rambling. I know. So much going through my head and so much do get done… and all I’m talking about is knitting? Yeah. That’s how I pack. I actually know myself pretty well. I can get everything packed pretty quickly, but I’ve gotta feel like I’ve done the closure stuff that’ll make the packing progress quickly. It’s a mental thing. Once I’m through that process, I’ll be able to pack. Not until then.


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