Say Good-bye, Elna.

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… and Hello, Necchi 4300.

I wish I had the rainbow colored blocks that I used earlier to explain the change in my sewing machine membership. Basically, the Bernette I got when I turned 30, I traded in to help pay for the Elna I wanted to have so badly. Used, but a very nice machine. After 6 months of enjoying it thoroughly when it worked, and sighing heavily when it was getting repaired, I finally decided to ask Darwin (the sewing machine repair guy who sold me the Elna) to take it back and offer me something else.

I went to talk to him over the weekend and happily gave up the Elna in exchange for this Necchi you see above- a new machine very similar to my Bernette 65. He’s also fixing up two used machines that were given to me for free. He won’t charge me extra for the repairs, so all in all, it’s as if I had rented the Elna for about $75 for six months.

I took the Necchi for a spin already and it does run like the Bernette. It doesn’t shake like the Bernette did when I ran it at full speed but it just won’t ever feel like the Elna did. The Elna went faster and did a closer-to-perfect stitch. The Necchi’s stitch isn’t perfectly straight but I can’t ask this machine that much. It is really, really light. Especially compared to every other machine I’ve got. This will be especially great when I, say, go to Chicago to meet up with a certain someone who sews, who is also my friend, who might want to sew together.

I almost feel like I’ve come full circle and have the same machine I had before the whole Elna saga. It really was a nice machine- again, when it worked.

Back to the Necchi. Did you know that in it’s day it was known for being a machine that was beautiful to look at as well as beautiful to sew with? Read more here. And did you know that none other than Sophia Loren was chosen to advertise these beautiful Necchi’s.

Don’t worry. I don’t think I’m going to start looking like Sophia. And my new Necchi will not look as sleek as some of the older models.

At the end of this week, I’ll be closing the tinymouse designs shop for the move. I’ve got some work I need to keep working on while in Vermont but I know I’ll be finishing in Indiana. It’ll be nice to have something familiar to turn to when we arrive. Plus, I’ll be extra motivated to unpack a certain room.


Stop the Press: It’s been 3 Years!

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I’ve been having a bunch of eye opening moments as we prep for this move back to the Midwest. Last night it was the thought that I’ve lived in the U.S. for 18 years. I might have a breakdown at the 20 year mark. You are warned.

The other thing that hit me was that I’ve been with this blog since July 2007 when we moved to Central Vermont. It was a way for me to blast the family with our adventures and keeps evolving. So, here is my first lonely post. How sweet.

I like things in threes, so to me this 3 year blogiversary is a fun one. Here’s to my global soapbox.

Haven’t forgotten about my Weekly

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The move is finally hitting me. I’ve got one more week of sewing and hanging with my friends before having to bump up my packing from 3 boxes a day to as many as I can pack before passing out a day.

I managed to get one kid down for a nap today and I’ve got “free” time. I could clean the fridge as a prep for The Big Clean. The Big Clean is happening after the movers take all of our stuff. Carpet cleaning, wall washing, deep fridge cleaning, freezer stuff, scrubbing with toothbrushes and the like. All of this so we can get our deposit back and put it toward renting our new home.

My Weekly blog posting, This is Me Loving You, has been on my mind, but not enough to write anything. Sorry. I know it was becoming a favorite for some of you- and for myself, too. Don’t worry. It’ll come back in full Weekly force very soon.

As a disclaimer I’ve gotta say that the next couple of weeks my entries into this blog will no doubt be rambly in nature. Don’t hate me. I’ll return to my regular ramblings once the move is complete.

the way I cope

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Instead of making relaxing lists of thing to do, I’m sitting on my hands, knitting, taking in sewing work, and (right now) getting sick. I’ve got a head cold that’s, well, gone to my head. I’ve got a booming headache and an achy body. Luckily, it’s not a bad cold. I’ve managed without much help (but perhaps by doing so I’ve prolonged what could have been a day-long only cold).

I guess my body wants me to slow down before the move. I’ve been going to bed with the kids and it’s definitely doing the trick.

I’m also thinking of starting up a separate blog for my sewing ventures. I’ve got a big project coming up that I want to track. Equally thrilling is the sewing room I’ll be moving into. I know, I know, I’ll still be sharing the space with my musician husband, but it’ll still be more of a dedicated space than what we have right now. This new blog I want to start comes to mind when the stress of packing and moving gets to me.

The truth is that I’ve got a couple of projects I have to finish before our move and getting sick hasn’t helped get them done.

If you have any blog names you would like to propose to me for my new sewing blog, leave them in the comments here, on fb or on twitter. I’d love the suggestions.

Ideals I’ve gained from living in Vermont

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I realized reading a friend’s tweet about maple syrup that I am snobby about what people call maple syrup. I didn’t go sugaring or anything, but I still feel like the purity of maple syrup is lost in the likes of Mrs. Butterworth, whose website delivers no assurance that there is any actual maple syrup in it.

I wonder if it’s the purity of the air up here, and the beauty of the Green Mountains that leave you wanting only the best. Maybe it’s just availability. Obviously, not everyone has this reaction to living here and I”m not saying that if you don’t, you should.

Here I present you with a small list of ideals I’ve gained from a mere 3 year stint in Central Vermont:

  1. Maple Syrup should be made of pure maple syrup.
  2. Organically grown local veggies are fresher and therefore better for you.
  3. Locally made goods mostly assure you that workers are paid a fair wage (Fair-Trade) and don’t have to be transported, using fuel. Buying from local artisans is very close to my heart, as you know.
  4. Living in a small home conserves natural resources.
  5. Compost all food scraps for growing #2.
  6. Choosing second-hand first, even before buying new Organic items (clothing, for example).

If I drank cow milk, or gave it to the kids, I’d go raw for its known benefits to some groups of people. Putting it that way, you might have noticed that I’m more a fan of Eat Right for Your Type– basing your dietary and exercise habits on your blood type. In this line of thinking, not everyone should be following the same diet. Check out the overview by blood type and see what you think.

I’ve made this list to remind me of the things I’ve really come to appreciate about our time in Vermont. Besides all the great friends we’ve made, I’ve learned a lot about … a lot. This list is not intended to be something I wish to push people away with. It’s merely what’s on my mind.

Knit Night

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Although our upcoming move has a lot of pros, leaving my friends behind is not one of them. I’ve made some solid friendships that I’m very sad to leave behind. I’m already trying to figure out ways I can see my friends after we leave the area. Some of our friends visit the West Coast, or are from the Midwest, so our encounters are seeming possible, and goodbyes are less important.

A couple of my friends already know they want to homeschool, and I know I’m going to be trying to get them to meet me half way at homeschooling/unschooling conferences, like the Not Back to School Camp, and others that haven’t made the bleep on my radar yet. I’ve also been given an open invitation to come back to VT to visit for a long stay. Now that sounds really nice. Especially after a while in Indy.

I’m also trying to get to all the places that have made my time in Vermont memorable, like Knit Night. Nothing can compare to Kelly Girls in Chicago, but I did find a friend at our LYS Knit night from Peru who I could do my whole, I still haven’t adjusted to American life bit. I already visited my soon-to-be LYS and they have a come-knit-anytime-you-want policy. Sweet.

I’m rambling. I know. So much going through my head and so much do get done… and all I’m talking about is knitting? Yeah. That’s how I pack. I actually know myself pretty well. I can get everything packed pretty quickly, but I’ve gotta feel like I’ve done the closure stuff that’ll make the packing progress quickly. It’s a mental thing. Once I’m through that process, I’ll be able to pack. Not until then.

Move to Indy update

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We drove out to Indianapolis to look at places to rent and actually found something. It’s absolutely perfect for us. The city itself has less city feel and more suburb feel. Not that I’m not liking it; I actually did feel more comfortable than I thought I’d feel.

Except for the time Josh and I were sitting outside, enjoying some appetizers when what seemed like a dozen guy guys walked in the same restaurant. All the testosterone made me giggle. We were eating in one of the areas that attracts a lot of college folk, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. I’ve be adjusted to seeing guys with no shoes, super long hair, a bike, hiking equipment for every day and such.

We saw a bunch of homes on Friday, but once we saw the one we’re renting we both knew it was perfect for us. It’s got hardwood floors, a basement (for the kids to play in), and even a 3rd bedroom for my sewing to share a space with Josh’s music. There’s even a closet where Josh said I could put my fabric stash. My heart goes pitter patter for that guy. He even asked me if I had any sewing related posters to put up. This was mostly a joke, since he now has room to put up his rock posters. The way I’ll see it is that it’s a sewing room with rock posters. Should be fun.

Once we found the place we wanted to live in, we could relax and check out the area. I wanted to go to one of the yarn shops in town and picked up some yarn for the projects I’m working on.

I probably knit for 10 hours on our drive out to Indy. It was awesome. I was in charge of making sure the kids were okay, but that didn’t take much out of my 10 hours. On the way back, I hit a snag and have to rip out an inch of knitting so I decided to leave it and move back to another project.

Here’s the sweater I’m making for myself:

Now, it’s my job to get a lot of the packing done and get a list going for what we need to do so this move runs smoothly.

Let the Countdown begin.

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