Recon Shirt Mini Dress

August 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

A friend brought over some diapers for me to repair as well as a couple of her husband’s old shirts for me to cut up. Love that! This recon actually predates the other tops I’ve blogged about. I actually forgot I had made this one.

It’s from the Made by Wendy pattern but without all the fixes to the pattern. What you will see is the way I hope the pattern change will affect the garment.

First, here’s the dress (which I call mini because it’s too long for a top and too short for a dress- for me, at least). It’s as-is. It’s the before picture.

In the next picture you can really see the difference in my right shoulder. See how clean that looks in comparison to the photo above?

Rt Arm raglan tucked

The next photo shows what a better fitting bra (I mean undergarment) can do to the fit of your clothes. If you’re just losing weight, or putting on weight, make sure your undergarments fit right. It’ll make a huge difference.

better fitting bra front

Here’s the side view where you can see the slouch of the way-too-large armhole.

And how amazing it can look with a little change in fit. It’ll fall differently on my body with the right armhole measurement.

tucked raglan better side fit

And the back view. I still need to shorten the back a bit for a less poofy look at the small of my back.

I hope to get back into sewing. I’ve been on baby brother patrol. He’s whiny and clingy and needs every ounce of me- or so he says- so for now I’m just blogging about all the fun I once had behind my sewing machine.


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