on the day I was born

August 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

I was born today, 33 years ago.

I have had few birthday celebrations in my life. I don’t remember many. Here are the ones that stand out.

1. Watching Shakespeare in the woods in Northern California with a very dear friend, where I was given a box of sugar cubes, and a very cool vintage pink satin caplet.

2. In middle school, probably the summer before 9th grade. My closest friends came to our house to celebrate. Sonee, Natalia, Monica, and Poggio stand out.

3. I was turning 7. We were on a plane going back to Colombia. I got 3 My Little Pony’s and the flight attendants were really nice to me.

I like things in threes so I’ll leave it at that. There are only a couple more birthday celebrations I had, and fewer as an adult. I’ve been panicky about my party this year and almost called everyone to cancel. It’s not always fun and fuzzy to be me.


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  • Meredith says:

    Happy birthday!!! Hope you’re having a lovely day with the kids and welcome to the 33 club! Sorry I had to miss your party, but the in-laws were visiting. Can’t believe I missed seeing your hubby in his kilt! 😉

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