Petition to Include “Throwing” in with the Major Milestones of Toddlerhood

July 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Why can’t I just adjust what “the books” say are the major milestones for toddlers? Why can’t I just tear out the page on disciplining your child where it says that toddlers should be told to stop throwing, and tape it right next to the page where the author goes on and on about the marvels of your toddler’s ability to drive a spoon into their mouth, and the many ways to praise them for this physical achievement?

Maybe then I wouldn’t be so uptight about baby brother being a thrower. When we’re alone, like this morning (bb was still sleeping when I was typing), and stuff is getting thrown about, I don’t worry that anyone will get hurt. I don’t worry about the items being thrown, cos, well, they’re things. Things are replaceable.

Can I spin this capacity to throw so that I’m actually proud of my son? So I’m not embarrassed when he throws in front of others?

Maybe I should buy Arun’s Academic Translator– wonder if there’s a Droid App for it yet? My first search [toddlers and throwing] might pull up the following Harvard study on the Physics of Overarm Throwing. After reading it, I would be ready to declare that my son was doing a scientific study to prove or disprove the findings of the Harvard study, that states:

The total kinetic energy of the mass, hand, and the forearm was found to be almost independent of the object mass, and the throw speed is almost independent of the mass of the upper arm.

Baby brother’s conclusions would be kept in private mental notes, but he’d be willing to show anyone interested how it all works. Just make sure you’re ready to deflect a rubber stamp or toy car.

Goggles and helmet will be provided.

Eventually, bilingual baby came downstairs and wanted to start the day playing with stamps. She asked where they were. I told her that they were around the floor. She asked, Why? Well, I said, your brother was throwing them. Why? Well, I told her, he was trying to figure out how they’d fall when he threw them. Oh, she replied.

If it were only that easy with everyone.



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