July 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

The first Ian I met was in 1992 when our family moved from Colombia to the U.S. It would be our final trip to the States. It was a big transition. We sold our house- the only house our family owned when we were still all living together. Moving up here was a big deal, which I only noticed a year later.

I met a lot of nice people. I met a Brian and an Erica, who I’m so glad to still be in touch with. I met people whose names I will never remember, but whose long hair I will never forget. But Ian… I had never heard that name before… and I wanted to name my future unborn son Ian. It was such a cool name. I freely tell people that I never really dreamed about my wedding (though I always wanted to be married) but I did fantasize about having children. It was only natural for me, then, to picture these children, and consider name well in advance, right?

The next Ian I met was in high school here in the U.S. My last high school- the one I graduated from. See, I went to 3 high schools, so keeping track of people is hard. A lot of high school friends’ names (especially those who I didn’t know that well) meld into one high school. Ian stood out. I met him through FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). He was quiet and altogether a nice guy. That name kept coming up as a name that I could only equate with generosity, kindness, and friendship.

The third Ian I’ve met is one of our neighbors here in Vermont. He’s the guy that took the pedals off of bilingual baby’s bike. No matter how busy he is, or how stressed he is, he’s always willing to stop for a second and say, Hi. He always seems to have enough time to step back and take it all in, to take a breath.

I know I’ve had my kids, but the thought came back to me the other night. An image of a younger me who thought she knew what she would name her son. The names Josh and I chose for our kids are absolutely perfect. My kids are perfect for me. I would never change them or want to change their names.

But it’s fun to remember projecting myself into a future that I now live in.



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  • nancy says:

    I also like the name Ian, and all the Ians I have known have been very attractive (read: hot), so we gave Henry the middle name Ian. 🙂

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