Stupid Questions I’ve Asked My Kids

July 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was woken up at 5am by baby brother who seems to love early mornings. Not even our laptop likes being up that early, so instead of writing directly into WordPress, I wrote down the following list of stupid questions I’ve asked my kids on paper. You read right. I used paper and a pen. Pen! Yes, we still have pens here. (Bear with me. It’s only 10:30am.)

I call these questions “stupid” because they are rhetorical, or at least that’s how they are perceived by kids. Kids also can’t quite figure out what the right answer is, so they usually say whatever the think of first. Their answers are never what we want to hear. In effect, these questions should be said, screamed, and pounded inside our heads and not at our kids. Notice how many are related to sleep?

  1. What do you think you are doing?
  2. What are you doing awake?
  3. Why won’t you nap?
  4. Do you know how late it is?
  5. What were you thinking?
  6. Do you want me to do that to you?
  7. Do you really think I want to be hit?
  8. Can’t you see I’m tired?
  9. Can’t you see I’ve got things to do?
  10. What do you want to eat?

What are your favorite stupid questions. They can be ones you say or ones you’ve heard others say.



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