July 2010 Update

July 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

It’s been so hot here in Vermont. I’m having a hard time doing much other than make food, wash dishes, pick up, and fill up the pool. We haven’t been hanging out with even the closest of our friends. In part, I have to admit, because I have a concern.

Baby brother.

He and bilingual baby definitely get along and they are awesome playing together- most of the time. I don’t think I should expect more. But I do. During the week of heat wave we got, the kids played together for long chunks of time. The following week, we’d have spots of indecision- who wanted to play with whom, and when? Their play was off by a millimeter, but that’s all it took for there to be more collisions during the day.

My big issues these days include, but are not limited to:

1. Throwing. He throws anything he can get his hands on. Food, crayons, cars, did I mention food.

2. Fits of despair. He’ll flail on the ground when he’s tired and isn’t getting what he wants. Sometimes it’s just the broken cookie thing- y’know. He’s not totally upset about what’s going on but he wails anyway. The “cookie” becomes the door to a venting session.

I’m glad I sat down to spell this out for myself. It seems almost more manageable to look at it and realize it’s really just a couple of things.

Next steps:

A. Find ways to channel the throwing. Give him soft toys. Do the ABC train puzzle he’s really into these days. (It’s cute. We put the puzzle together and then the kids walk all over it, as if they were trains and the puzzle were track.)

B. Get him to the playground more often. He’s way more physical than his sister and I need to meet that need. We still enjoy playing stamps (and he’s moved passed smearing the ink pad on his head), painting, and some stickers.

C. Get time away from the family. Today, I met up with a Peruvian friend of mine and after chatting a bunch, I really felt refreshed.

Fun stuff bilingual baby is into:

1. Everything Space related. She told me the other day that our house is on the planet earth. She discovered that thought on her own; perhaps through visuals, but I don’t remember saying anything like that to her. It was wild and so cool!

2. She wants to learn how to roller blade and ice skate. I couldn’t be happier. I actually am borrowing a pair of roller blades from a mom in town. I’ve been out once, but hope to get out more soon. So, now she’s got it in her head that she needs to learn how. I love it. I actually think both kids will love ice skating. After a couple of months on skates, I’ll see about getting them some of their own. Till then, we’ll just bike everywhere.

Here, a picture of the kids on swings. This is a big deal for them.


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