Summer Vacation 2010

July 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m exhausted and so is the battery on my camera. So, for now, I’m updating with words alone. I’ll post some pictures here and on facebook once I get the energy to go through them and sort. Here are the highlights of our recent trip to Chicago and California.

We drove straight from Vermont to Chicago. I’ll write more in depth about this strategy as I recommend it. It was roughly 16 hours. Josh would be able to tell you more precisely how long we drove and how long we rested. To be brief, I’d like to thank the dvd player and my awesome snack organizing skills. I could even read books from the front seat. Yeah. I’m awesome.

We spent some time in a Chicago suburb called Winfield. It’s a small town. Very cute. Josh went into Evanston to visit his brother to do some recording. Again, I’m aiming for brevity, but I’ll tease with the fact that Josh and his friend Courtney are working on music together. They are calling themselves The Dealbreakers. They have been working long distance, a la Postal Service, but without all the beats. The recording went well and was supplemented with a second session on our way back through Illinois. Their stuff sounded cool in the rough but now that Josh’s brother has been working with them it’s sounding really, really cool.  I will come back to this another day. Hopefully, with a link to download their music.

We boarded a plane to San Francisco where my mom was waiting to help us with the kids and all our stuff. Two carseats don’t travel easily.

My older sister got married on June 26th and I was a bridesmaid so there was lots of work to do beforehand. One of the things I had to do still was hem my dress. It was store bought but I had alterations to make. Everything got finished at the eleventh hour. It was exciting but also a stress builder.

Our stay in California was much easier than when I went alone in January. For one, baby brother is just that much older and he could be reigned in easier. Bilingual baby actually liked the pool. This is a big deal. I’ve been dreading going to water alone with the kids cos she hasn’t, until now, wanted to get in- much less with a bathing suit on.

My sister’s wedding was awesome. We also got to hang out with her and her new husband a couple of days after the wedding. My kids love their new uncle! (Pictures of the wedding will tell more than my simpleton description.)

I also got to hang out with, albeit briefly, with an old friend. His wife made my sister’s wedding cake- again, pictures. pictures. pictures. (some of facebook if you can’t wait)

so tired… why am I trying to blog?

We took the kids strawberry picking in Watsonville. agh. camera battery… hurry up!

We flew back to Chicago where we stayed with my inlaws for a couple more days, enjoyed a day-before-4th of July-porch party.

… And we drove back, again in one swoop, to Vermont. It wasn’t so bad. I had forgotten how much chocolate covered espresso beans can keep me awake. They did the trick.

I said this a bunch already to people who asked if I was ready to be home, in my own bed, on my own pillow: My parents and inlaws have better pillows than we have at home. We’re glad to be back but there’s less responsibility when we’re visiting family. Now, off to clean up the leftover breakfast mess I didn’t feel like eating.


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