June 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

In an earlier post, I talked about the wonders of the balance bike we converted from a regular bike I bought the kids that came with training wheels, even. I gave away the training wheels to a friend who wanted them and asked another friend to take off the pedals and chain.

It’s really only until you see a kid actually on a balance bike, cruising that you see the benefits and the absolute fun that a balance bike brings. In doing the math, we’re figuring that bilingual baby has been playing on the balance bike for about four weeks.

Here’s a video of bb really balancing earlier today with her feet on the middle bar of the bike. She said she was just doing what I was doing…pretty cool! (sorry about the finger on the lens.)

I’m seeing the potential to get her going with pedals but I’m not going to offer. I’m going to wait until she asks. For one, it’s not like I have to be hunched over the whole time she’s on her bike; and two, there’s time.

So, for anyone who hadn’t seen video of kids on these pedal-less bikes, here ya go. Now, it’s your turn to be amazed at how quickly your kid (grandkid, etc) “gets” balancing, and there’s no added stress with having to take off the training wheels.



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  • Kelly says:

    My two older children both used balance bikes. My son started with one when he was 4 and he was riding a 2 wheeler by the time he was 5. My daughter started riding her balance bike when she was 3 and was riding a 2 wheeler by the time she was 5!

    I highly recommend them to all my friends!

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