Bootcamp: Day 2

May 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

Okay, so maybe I should have gone to the workout last night. I felt myself pushed and I’m not entirely sure it was a sound idea. I did take it easy and was at the back of the walking pack. However, had I not gone, I would have been feeling slushy at home with no energy for anything. Somehow I feel like the workout, even as slow as I took it, helped me get over my food poisoning. Basically, I feel much better today. More energy, and that usually means I worked out.

Brit had us powerwalk to one spot where we did a timed plank. This was to see what our endurance was at the start of bootcamp. My time: 50 seconds. I felt so weakened by the food poisoning and did feel sorry for myself for stopping before the minute, but oh well. The highest time was 3 minutes. Way to go, ladies!

Then, we went to the high school track and again for setting a base for ourselves, we trotted around the track once. I can’t remember my time. I remember hearing 1:15 midway, but I’m not sure the full time. Maybe 3 minutes? I hope to best that in 6 weeks.  I don’t think I’ll have a problem. Today, with less of a food poisoning hangover, I’m bound to do better already.

Then, we did some more strength training/cardio stuff. It was too much for me with my queasy tummy recovering but I still did the easiest version.

I’ve got the next class on Sunday morning. I hope to keep the blog updated with my progress.



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