Dear China

May 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Bilingual baby has been gaining interest in everything Chinese. It all started with our friends and their two daughters going to China for 9 months. We’d talk about how they were coming back soon and that we’d skype with them and so forth. Josh was at the library shortly after our friends left, and found a dvd titled, Big Bird in China.

If anyone has been hoping to check it out, we’ve finally returned it. 😉 Josh found a copy for our kids because they love it. There’s a song in the movie where the little girl, Xiao Fu, where she teaches Big Bird a little Chinese. Now, you’ll find bilingual baby singing the song walking around the house, while playing outside, while riding her trike, and many more places. It’s really sweet. She’s been correcting my poor Chinese pronunciation for her 3 year old pronunciation. She’ll even tell you that she speaks English, Chinese, and Spanish. In essence, little Xiao Fu has become bilingual baby’s concept of what China is all about. Xiao Fu winks and now bilingual baby is trying to learn how to wink. The other day she asked a friendly stranger if she wanted to see something cool, and winked. The friendly stranger couldn’t figure out what was going on, so I told her she was winking. They both got a kick out of the whole thing.

We’ve been reading books that talk about China, like an ABC China book and these lovely new gifts from Josh’s mom.

On each page, you are shown what people do in a park in the morning. Playing cards, doing tai chi, etc. Then, the last page unfolds to show the entire park. I love it! Click on the book cover to take you to a website with more books and materials for kids who want to learn Chinese.

Then, there’s also this beautiful story, The girl who drew a phoenix, by Demi:

We’ve been talking about all the more difficult words in this book, like wisdom, clear sight, equality, generosity, and good judgment. I didn’t start talking about the big words until this week. There are so many layers on this book. You can just look at the beautiful pictures.

During a recent trip to Boston, we paid a visit to Chinatown, where bilingual baby was in bilingual heaven. We picked up a couple of items that we could use at home that would remind her of our trip and of China. She’s really enjoying drawing on the paper we bought that’s supposed to help you learn how to draw Chinese characters.

I can’t wait to see bilingual baby’s interactions with our friends when they return from China. They do arrive the day we leave for our Chicago/California trip, but I’m sure we’ll get to see lots of them when we get back.

Here’s bilingual baby writing Chinese characters:


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