Sew for your home class

May 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

One of the things we’ll be making in my May sewing class is a cushion cover like the one pictured above. To the left you can see the old cover and to the right you can see the new one. This cover is the kind with button fastening in the back. So you make the front of one piece and the back out of two pieces with enough to overlap. You make the buttonholes, sew the front to the back, turn it right sides out, and all you’re left to do is sew on the buttons. I used some vintage buttons that Josh’s grandmother was kind enough to send my way. They are a perfect fit.

I love boats- not like I’ve got boats on everything I have, but I love ’em. Also, I didn’t want to contrast with the colors of the awesome rug we have. I think I’ll be making a matching cushion cover to go with my boat cover.

Also in the class, we’ll be making a pillow case and a napkin. Should be fun!

As I was uploading the photo of the cushion cover, I felt a prick in my… um… behind. I looked and it was baby brother but I couldn’t figure out what he was poking me with. I felt it again. It hurt. Turns out he found a pin and was pushing it into me.



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  • […] First, I know I’ve said that I’m missing my Vermont life. Transition does that to ya. One of the things I miss is teaching sewing classes. We had some fun. My “lifer” student was pretty upset when I told her I was leaving. She, and a couple others, were really dedicated. […]

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