The 5 dollar three wheeler

April 15, 2010 § 3 Comments

From the moment the kids and I woke up, I was in a bad mood and they just followed suit. That made for a very annoying morning. I couldn’t shake my mood, so the kids did the same. We all stayed grumpy.

After a short nap for baby brother, the kids were rearing to go and I was frustrated at my inability to get a muslin done of the pants I want to make. Ugh. So, I finally got food in the kids and I decided I was going to send some things off in the mail. One was a jumpsuit for my sister’s second child, whose birthday was in December. The other was a package for my cousin in Veracruz, Mexico who wanted some patterns for sewing kids clothes. Big sale at the fabric store made that happen. Yay.

Let me back up to us leaving the house. I wanted to get at least one kid in the stroller. I needed the distance…. and I got it. Bilingual baby decided she was going to bike all the way downtown. I had only gone with her within the neighborhood to our friend’s house- not more than two blocks away. But the whole way?

I didn’t want to carry the three wheeler and push baby brother in the stroller. I wasn’t going to push her if she had a hill. Can you tell what kind of a mood I was in??

She said she could do it and I believed her. So, off we went. She made it to the post office,

to Rhapsody to tank up before riding home

and then to Onion River Sports to get a helmet, since I’m seeing a bigger bike in her future (the Bike Swap is on May 1st and I’m gonna be there at 8:30am with my coffee in hand!):

But once baby brother saw his sister wearing a helmet, he wanted one, too:

I know it’s pink and purple. He wouldn’t go for the blue one or the yellow one. He actually gravitates toward pink and looks quite good in it. He had a pink shirt on yesterday and kept pointing at himself saying: Pink! You can also see his train pants… pants I meant to make for the kids for the winter. Oh. well. He loves those, too. Oh and the t-shirt has an ice skate on it but all he sees is a boot, which he also loves these days.

So, pink and purple for everyone!

The only problem came when I went to pay. The kids had been playing with my wallet and I forgot to return the pile of cards and IDs to their places. I opened my wallet and found it empty. I did have some cash so I payed what little I had and tried to figure out who would be less of a disaster leaving without a new helmet. The woman working was really nice and said I could leave what I had and treat it as layaway. I promised I’d come back and even gave her my phone number, for reassurance.

This meant that bilingual baby had to bike all the way home and back to the store, which she seemed glad to do.

I should have taken a picture of the kids at bedtime. They put up no fight at all when we got home, played in the yard some more (it was already 6:30), had a little more to eat, headed up to a bath, did teeth, and nestled into carriers; baby brother nursing in front, and his big, long legged sister on my back. They played kicky (annoying if you’re trying to get kids to sleep) and quickly fell asleep.




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