baby brother is growing up

April 13, 2010 § 3 Comments

I’m seeing more and more of the signs that tell me that baby brother has noticed that he and I are actually different people. I say up, he says down. Just to be contrary. Not to be annoying but just to be.

This morning he really wanted the cinnamon and after he held it a while and started figuring out how to open it and shake it all over me I put it out of reach. He had a really hard time with that and let me know. The lovely thing is that I was so calm. He had a chance to have some big emotions and I was his rock. The whole time I kept saying: I’m here. Big sister was quiet through the whole scene. She just watched and was present for her brother. It seemed like baby brother got that we were here for him and we didn’t mind that he was having big emotions.

There was nothing we could have changed for him. So, waiting worked.

I blog about this because I don’t always have it  in me to be so present. It’s really a nice feeling to be so grounded when my kids need to vent (aka. have fits). Yay for me!

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