the tao of cleaning

February 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

I love to clean. One thing.

So, if you come over and you see me beaming despite the fact that there are still breakfast (plus dinner) crumbs on the floor and the toys aren’t secured in their ideal spot just imagine that somewhere in my chaos there is a clean spot that wasn’t so clean an hour ago.

Take the upstairs bathroom. I can clean the toilet or the tub or the sink but I rarely can get to all three in one go. Or one day. And I don’t try to if I’m not feeling it.

Or if I have just finished a pile of repairs that have lingering… or a pile of sewing… or a pile of unfolded laundry (my beam is double when I fold laundry, triple or even quadruple if I fold and put it away.) Baby brother loved to take whatever I’m trying to put away (diapers, clothes, sewing) and run away with it (very funny) and throw it, often, down the stairs. Then he runs back laughing hysterically, picks up more of what I’m trying to put away and takes off with it. He loves playing this game.

Speaking of the running boy. Every day he wakes up heavier than the day before. Yesterday he didn’t take a nap! This is the first time he hasn’t taken a nap during the day as a toddler. I went out yesterday to meet with a fellow ORE member (my time bank) to talk sewing and sewing machines and from what bilingual papi tells me everyone was fine. Baby brother did go on an eating cruise. I don’t know when his cruise will be docking but till then I gotta be on top of the food so he makes off with the heartiest snacks I can figure. Wish me luck.



§ One Response to the tao of cleaning

  • Nicole says:

    In the words of the flylady. “Progress not perfection.” That’s all that matters! 😉

    And I like your term, “eating cruise.” Zac has been doing this as well. 🙂

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