California 2010: Week One

January 12, 2010 § 2 Comments

So, we’re here in California at my parents house. My dad is recently retired so I have adult interactions all day. Lovely. Plus it’s my dad. I’m his favorite.

We’ve been here for almost one week. The first of three. It’s been up and down. Mostly up. The first couple of days were exhausting with the 3 hours of jet lag. I had no idea I’d be so out of sorts. Now we’re getting into a new groove so things feel more relaxed.

Bilingual baby took a nap yesterday and the day before. Lucky me! And only lucky because her baby brother was also napping which means… (drum roll)… I got to lie down. I didn’t nap. Mostly I just thought. But for those 30-45 minutes when they were asleep at the same time I had thoughts that could start and stop at my own pace, not theirs. In my world, it was bliss. My thoughts made me giggle, too.

My kids have taken to their nonitos. Poor Nonito is sick so he’s been upstairs resting the last couple of days. Let’s hope he improves quickly. It is nice having him home all day. They do wish Nona would stay home all day, too. Such is life.

On Friday, we drove up to Half Moon Bay to visit one of my college friends. We had fun hanging out with the kids, having burritos and catching up. The weekend brought my two sisters to my parents house to visit. That’s always fun. Imagine the three of us as little girls, all close in age. Now, fast forward to now and we’re still doing the same stuff, but sitting and talking more.

Sunday I saw an old friend from my school (actually, one of them) in Colombia. We were in school from 4th-9th grade together. Like glue. The two of us and one other friend were very close. We’ll get to see her at least one more time before we leave. She’s in San Francisco so who knows where we’ll meet up.

Over the brief time we’ve been here, I’ve been to my mom’s gym twice. This morning marked the second time. The manager was nice enough to let me come for free the whole time I’m in town. She did seem surprised to see me walk through the door at 7:30 am today. There’s a kids room with open doors but gates so the kids can check-in with me as they play. The gym itself is sort of like the class I go to except that you go at your own pace, there is no instructor and there’s party music going the whole time. I didn’t get to stay as long as I had hoped but I broke a sweat. (I do have to add that I don’t agree with the way that the gym- think a cross between Weight Watchers and Curves circuit training, sorta- has clients eating to lose weight with a high protein diet, but my mom does look way thinner and is working out 3 times a week, which is more than she ever has. All in all, kudos to her! Way to go mama!)

I’ve got two knitting projects here to keep me busy but I’m finding myself wrangling more than I do at home. New house. New toys. New “no, that’s not a toy” things to play with. I wake up at 6am and by 9:30pm they are both asleep and I pass out alongside them. One night I did force myself to stay awake to watch the Da Vinci Code. I just had to stay up to watch something. My dad made the recommendation. I never read the book and didn’t see the movie during the rage but as for a who dunnit movie it was fun. I do go for those kind of movies, even though the end was very, very obvious. I’ve got LOTR under the pillow in case I feel like a movie one of these nights.

I’ll come back to talk about the cross country plane ride. Alone. With two kids. Later.


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