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December 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about relationships. I don’t just mean my relationship with my sweet husband (we’re having our 7 year anniversary this December) but also my relationships with my kids and my friends and family. I really want to share what I’m thinking but I don’t want anyone to be hurt. None of what I’m thinking is meant to hurt anyone but since I’m not there, in person, to explain what I mean I’d rather work on this piece and make sure I get my editor in on this one.

Yes. I’ve been sewing. I’ve been getting a lot of ideas lately and I just don’t give them the time they need to flourish. One may come to life. We’ll see.

I’ve been going to a mama focused workout on Tuesday mornings at 9:15am. It’s great. It’s at the Rec center on Barre St. and kids are welcome. Not in the “kids are welcome but they really aren’t” or “kids are welcome but they better behave” or the “kids are welcome but you have to be by them the whole time”. This is a kids are welcome. Seriously. Class.

The class is taught by Richarda Ericson, owner of Illume Fitness. I think I’ve mentioned her before. She’s great. Her class is an hour long and she does strength training. So, we cycle through cardio and weights. With the interruptions nursing kids (and kids in general) bring, I get breaks through the class without feeling like a wimp.

It’s taking me a while to get my strength back but I’m starting to feel it. It feels great. I don’t mind that it’s been over a year since giving birth. As some friends and I were talking today, every woman’s body is different. How one woman’s body changes through pregnancy and postpartum varies from the next and we need to stop suggesting that every woman should be in her pre-pregnancy clothes by a year- or earlier. C’mon.

I’ve also been knitting. I’m knitting up some kilt hose for bilingual papi for our anniversary. The traditional gift for the 7th anniversary is wool.

How could I pass that up?

Usually we don’t exchange gifts but every once in a while I get a good gift idea for him and have to get it. One year for his birthday he got a ukulele. I have a hard time getting him just anything cos he’s so special to me.

The kilt hose are taking their due time, as are some other sewing projects, but I think I’m still doing good on time… and I hope everyone is happy on the receiving end. Big expectations, I know.

Another post I am working on, which may or may not see the light of day, is one on cell phone radiation exposure. Check out the Environmental Working Group for more information. They’re the same folks that brought us the Skin Deep Report– a report on a ton of skin/body products, tested for chemicals known (and presumed) to cause things like cancer, etc. Check your shampoo, deodorant, lipstick, etc for their level of toxicity. Check your baby’s products, too!

Back to the cell phone thing, I’m always trying to use speakerphone with my kids, since small children are more affected by this exposure, but I still have my problems with cell phones. That post is taking a while cos I’m not really digging the “posts with meaning” entries these days.

A number of bloggers have been hit by the quick ease of facebook. You can get a message out so much quicker and people are more likely to read it than if you post it on your blog… so why continue blogging? It’s a nagging thought.

Rambling on…

I sold another pod to a dear friend living in Seattle, Washington. She was my first friend here in the United States when we moved from Colombia in 1992. I met her at a youth camp Bahai’s organized. She and her brother made my transition a whole lot more fun. Years after losing touch, we found each other in Chicago and now both have babies and keep in touch here and there.

Every pod I make gets a lot of my time and energy and I am so happy to send that energy her way.

I don’t know if you’ve checked lately but my etsy store has been empty for a couple of months. I have some knit and sewn items to put up and I’ll make sure to let you know when they do go up soon.

I’ve been watching Medium. I just rented another disk in season 2. It awaits.


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