November 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

I keep wanting to blog but am either too involved in my day (which is supposed to happen) and I can’t get to the computer to deliberate or I end up staring at the computer feeling like I have nothing to offer my gentle reader. Either way I feel like I’ve spent the last of my energy on my kids and with no nap from bilingual baby I end up going all day long. Like right now. So, here is another summary of things.

I’m researching tooth cavities and it’s exhausting. That’s all I’ll say, since I don’t have the brain power to get into it right now.

I’m still sewing, which is a great activity for me. Somehow it comes naturally and I can do most of my sewing without the use of my brain. (I’m sure I use my brain; it just doesn’t feel like “work”.)

I try to get out of the house  a couple of times a day but don’t usually get out with many friends because of my forethought. Weeks have gone by where I haven’t called or emailed our dearest friends to hang with.

Since so little is coming out of me right now, I might as well take the kids for a walk. They’re finishing up their snack- homemade hummus (without the garlic).


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