November 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

Once again, I’ve had loads of things to comment on but have been having a harder time putting them into words… and saying things I wouldn’t mind others reading about and potentially taking the wrong way. I can only guess I’ve already done that. I’m also passing into a phase where I just don’t want to discuss bilingual baby’s behavior, development, etc, without being able to have a conversation in person. I do go back and forth on this because I have found some blogs to be so candid that I’ve felt supported by their content.

What’s happening is that bilingual baby is entering a new stage- where she’s much more aware of what we talk about when we’re around her. I was at a LLL meeting and they were talking about weaning. Everyone turned to me assuming that I had completely weaned my daughter. I shared a bit about our nursing journey and in the middle of me talking my almost 3 year old asked if I was talking about her. The rest of the day she kept asking me to repeat what I had said about her.

It’s like an acting exercise. What you say about a person, what you say to a person, and what you do, all say something about your character. I can only assume that bilingual baby is taking her first steps into understanding the characters in her life.

In light of this discomfort I’m having at broadcasting her life, I’m making a couple of cosmetic changes (I only mean that they are changes from the outside in, not that I’ll be making upgrades and making the blog look nicer). I’ve changed the photo- my mouth- that’s where you heard it. Also, even though the url won’t change, I’m changing the blog title to:

bilingual baby’s mami

(mami is pronounced similar to “mommy” and “mammy”)

Why these little changes? I need to remind myself that I’m writing about me. This is ultimately my experience and I want to see that every time I enter to blog.

I’ve got a number of unfinished blog entries that I may just scrap as I make this turn. Y’know, I started this to remember what was happening when I had a little kid. Then I had two little kids and now one of them remembers a lot more than I do.

I feel the need to be sensitive to that.

So, here to stay, but with less of the this-is-what-baby-can do, I bring you “bilingual baby’s mami”.

It’s always about me.



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