The “Is it Friday, yet?” Wrap-up

October 21, 2009 § 2 Comments

I know it’s not Friday yet but here’s to hoping I turn around, change a diaper and voila! Friday appears.

We were ‘on the mend’ yesterday, and while we still are today I was laying low just so that we could give our bodies (bilingual baby’s and mine) more time to get all better. While yesterday we were still both using the hankies freely, today we hardly used one each. That’s great, right? We had a couple of nights where the coughing kept us both up, but last night neither of us woke up to cough. I woke up but I’ve got a nursing kid next to me. Needless to say, and as sad as it was, I had to cancel our crafty Wednesday just to ensure we weren’t spreading germs. Annoying germs, at that. I haven’t felt all that bad but just a hum of malaise. So, if in fact this was the flu, then great.

I just finished some wool leggings for baby brother. It’s an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. I’ve worked this pattern before and I’m getting the feeling that I’ll use it again.

On the knitting front, I’m also working on a bonnet for baby brother in gray wool. I bought a whole cone of the stuff cos I love it so much. With it I’ve made three pairs of socks (for my mom, dad and older sister). I think I may make some socks for myself after… tho the kids do need more nice wool socks than I do. I just love the feel of 100% wool socks knit by hand.

Baby brother is loving his way of communicating. He’s very clear, for the most part. He is only one, after all. For instance, he’ll go and stand by the food pantry and raise a hand up and start to say something nobody understands. Then he’ll start doing his sign for “more”. Okay, food, I get it. So, I offer him a rice cake. He likes those. He shakes his head. What? No rice cake? How about a corn cake? Big sister likes those a lot. He shakes his head. Finally, I figure out he wants one of the unsalted rice cakes bilingual papi got over the weekend and not the lightly salted ones we got today. What’s the sign for salt? Tomorrow I’ll sign “salt” while shaking my head to see if that helps him. Basically, he loves shaking his head.

Tonight, before bedtime (or whatever it is I do when bilingual papi is at work late) we went for a walk and played in our neighbor’s pile of leaves. We had a lot of fun. It was funny walking home. Bilingual baby said, “It’s so dark outside”… “I don’t want to be up all night”. 😉 She didn’t enjoy the walk home. Again, I wish I had had another carrier with me.

We had another CO scare tonight, too. I was on the phone with the landlords when it must have happened: bilingual baby decided she was big enough to try to turn on one of the stove burners. We have a gas stove and it was only after about 20 minutes and after vacuuming all the rice off the floor that I realized that one of the knobs was turned on. I know from an incident last winter that our CO alarms work. The alarms didn’t go off so I’m figuring we weren’t in any harm. By the time I realized what had happened it was already 8:30pm and I had two sleepy children waiting for me to encourage sleep. I was, and am still, wide awake. Tomorrow I’m getting those ugly knob covers to baby proof the stove. I’ve managed to stay away from gates but this is something I can’t count on bilingual baby to be good about… or at least I have to take precautions with this since I feel like it’s quite unnatural- the flame, she’s fine with. Knobs, not so much. There are plenty of times when she’s downstairs and I’m upstairs with baby brother and I don’t want to take a chance.

It’s cold here with all the windows open- see, I’m still wanting to get out every ounce of CO lingering, though I think it’s all gone. I had the front door open and was standing outside with baby brother on my back and bilingual baby unwilling to go outside without socks and shoes on. Now, that is irony!

So, since I’ve got a couple of more days until the calendar Friday, I don’t know what to do with my week. I mean, I messed up my Wednesday by canceling crafty time and tomorrow, besides going to buy some covers for the stove knobs, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

That’s somewhat untrue. I should mention that we’re having a blast doing wet on wet watercolor painting. I’m still new to this but in our kid version, we wet a sheet of 90lb paper and only dab a little of the excess water off. Then, we get our flattest paintbrushes out (we have a couple) and enjoy watching the watercolors spread across the damp paper. The cool thing with wet on wet is that it’s very moody. I’m totally seeing the difference. We used to do a bit of coloring with crayons and enjoyed it. Looking back at the coloring bilingual baby used to do, it does seem more like outlines instead of colors. Watercolor, in and of itself, creates more of a mood. Times that by 10 and you’ve got wet on wet. Waldorf folks give kids bilingual baby’s age only one color at a time and then little by little introduce other prime colors. In this fashion, the young child gets to see how each color reacts to the water, the paper, itself, etc. Then, she sees how the first color reacts to one other color, and then to two other colors, and so on.

We just got more paper this week and all she wants to do is watercolor. It’s really neat to do, too. One of the Waldorf suggestions is that adults painting alongside the child should take a long time so that the child doesn’t merely want the “picture” the adult made replicated on their paper. I want to get her a little board so she can paint on it and then let her paintings dry on it. After a while, I’ll get her some 140lb paper to work with. It’s recommended to soak the 140lb paper for 15 minutes before working on it. An almost three year old need not wait.


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§ 2 Responses to The “Is it Friday, yet?” Wrap-up

  • Juliet says:

    Hey lady! I like this little slice of your life. I wanted to comment that the process of teaching BB the sign for “salt” might be more complicated than just telling him that one of the kinds of rice cakes has it and the other doesn’t. He’s likely to think that the sign is for rice cake. I recommend doing the sign while showing the salt shaker and verbally labeling it as salt (which he knows, I’m sure), letting him taste some (do the sign/say the name again), then have him try both of the kinds of rice cakes and ask which ones taste a little like salt (and repeat the sign). Ultimately you want him to correctly name the taste and the substance, both in sign and in English, so you’ll want to use them simultaneously (we call this SimCom or Contact Signing, when you do both sign and voice at once).

    Or maybe this is all too direct for a hearing child who is passively learning language all the time. I don’t know! That’s beyond my realm of expertise 🙂

  • Leila says:

    thanks Juliet! wow. that was helpful. I love it. I hadn’t thought about all of what you said. gonna have to try it. love ya!

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