When did I lose weight? and other stories

October 20, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’m surprised and pleased to note that I’m wearing the same pants I was wearing when I got pregnant with baby brother. How and when that happened is my best told story: I don’t know. It’s great.

I’ve been wearing both kids at the same time and going on hikes in Hubbard Park which have been both calming and tiring- I am adding about 50 lbs (a little more than 22 kilos). It’s nice to know that the kids are right there and I don’t have to corral anyone. It’s pretty peaceful.

Since I’m here and feeling like rattling off information, I’ll also add that I was in a store downtown Montpelier called Onion River Sports Kids and I offered to do babywearing demos for them and they accepted! They’ve been carrying Maya Wraps (Mei tai’s, ring slings) and Ergos (both the regular and the sport) for a short time and I figured that most people go in there wanting to know how these carriers work. So, in November, we’ll be working together. There are a couple of ideas out there so far: Seasonal babywearing demos, wearing two, wearing older kids, etc. So far we’ve agreed that we should do something in November. They are also going to see if they can get a discount on baby carriers on the days of the demos. I’ll keep all of you locals informed on details so you can help me spread the word.

On the babywearing front, I have to say that I’m gearing up to make a mei tai for bilingual baby. The Ergo is okay but I’d like a carrier that actually had the fabric under her legs to go from knee to knee- the optimal for a comfortable and safe ride. I’ve got some measurements I’m working on and at this point I’ve just got to figure out what fabric to use. I’m thinking this will be a carrier bilingual papi also uses since he loves our other mei tai.

While walking with a friend today, two ideas came up (both from her):

1. I should have drop-off points downtown where I can leave extra layers neither of my kids nor I want to wear nor carry, and other things, for bilingual papi to pick up on his way home. 😉

2. I need to invent a carrier so compact that you can fit it, much like those ponchos and bags, into a tiny bag and keep in your pocket. This need comes from the continuous desire bilingual baby has had to be held on our walks. I would much rather wear both kids than try to prop bilingual baby on my hip or back and be told that I’m holding her wrong (translation: she wants to be held tighter).

We also had some theories on food that we can’t prove which I’ll share after we work on them some more.


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