Pigs and Bears

October 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Here in the United States, the H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine just came out a couple of weeks ago and on our local mama yahoo group there’s been much a flurry about what to do. Everyone’s getting their two cents in- to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. I’ve read some interesting thoughts on both sides. What I like the most about this e-conversation is that people are being really nice about the whole thing. I haven’t heard anyone say anything mean about someone else’s choice. That’s how it should be. Everyone’s doing what they feel is best. How can I argue with that? Now, if someone wants my thoughts on this whole thing, they’ll get me on my preventative care soap box before I even enter the vaccine debate. Well, maybe; maybe not. Depends, I suppose.

I did want to share what our naturopath said about the vaccine. He doesn’t recommend it. Also, it appears that the complications have not happened among healthy families. Now I suppose we’d have to spell out what healthy means, right? Here’s what I do when someone in my family is sick: No sugar (including fruit), no dairy, but lots of Vitamin C, Elderberry tea, and other warm tea drinks all day, and lots and lots of rest. I also make sure that they’re eating things that will help them heal. Ginger is a good one for the beginning of a cold and will warm up the body very nicely. Bilingual papi and I also use the neti pot and do gargles with lemon juice and baking soda.

I think prevention and good health go a long way. Now, on to bears.

I was knitting a bear for baby brother from a Debbie Bliss pattern. You have to knit all these little pieces and then assemble them while stuffing it. I’ve got a couple of the pieces knit up but I’ve really lost interest in it, so I’m considering ripping it out and starting another bear pattern from the Drops Design site. It’s a bear you knit up in the round, with double pointed needles, and it looks like there’s only a small amount of finishing to do. Click here for the pattern.

I have to admit that as I write this I feel like I want to finish the other pieced bear and then make this one as well, just to see how they compare in the end. I’m almost done knitting up some wool leggings for baby brother and I have a bonnet I’m working on for him so we’ll see what gets put in the knitting queue.


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