October 11, 2009 § 1 Comment

There is a scale out there that grades how much sugar you and your family takes in- well, maybe not. But if there were our family wouldn’t be on either extreme. Nor would we be dead in the middle. I think we’d end up closer to the groups that don’t use any sugar.

When I bake, I either omit any sugar or substitute some of it for applesauce, bananas, or brown rice syrup. I try to feed my family basic foods, nothing too fancy since my kids are still so young. I don’t think their taste buds need to be bombarded with a ton of new flavors. Also, bilingual baby has been known to push aside a tasty chili in favor of plain black beans and brown rice. I’m having a hard time with bread these days- wheat mainly. I’m having a bad reaction to it and can’t really take in more than very small amounts. However, my kids are in a “bread only” phase right now. I’m promised the phase will pass and we’ll be back to our regular menu. Having said that, I have to also admit that they still eat all the oatmeal, beans and rice I offer them. Sometimes only after they’ve had some bread. Well, mostly baby brother. Bilingual baby is on a bread-only kick, something I remember from a year ago or so.

But back to the sugar. Bilingual papi and I sort of agree on the sugar thing but I think it’s a bigger issue. Dr. Mercola, who authors a great health site and newsletter, lists some of the dangers of sugar. He also sums up an article from the Journal of Pediatrics citing a study that  “revealed that in the 2- to 3-year-old group, average consumption of added sugar was around 14 teaspoons a day. This number jumped to 17 daily teaspoons a day among 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds.” This was in 2005.

Some may argue with me saying that a little bit of sugar isn’t going to do much harm. The problem with that argument is that there is sugar in almost everything. What once was consumed in small amounts now flavors pizza and pasta sauce, salad dressing, most frozen foods, etc. It’s ridiculous.



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  • SarahA says:

    Since giving up yeast, sugar and molds, I have been amazed about what has sugar in it. I have only found 3 cereals that don’t have sugar. One is a very expensive and not very good Kashi and the other 2 are Jewel brand. I have been cooking things myself more often in order to avoid it. I will have to try using applesauce.

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